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The Tangled Web We Weave


I asked (wrote a note to) the deaf,

elderly man I play chess with to stop

saying "STUPID" all the time.  He berates

himself.  He gives no credit to the rhyme

and reason of my game.  He seeks the perfect

crime.  No blunders on either side.


I have let this crazy making habit ride,

but no longer.  He may be the stronger player

but today I tried a new way to defeat him.

I established my defense; a fence of pawns

sawtoothed across the board, each one

supported by another, a veritable Maginot Line.


Then I waited like a spider, killing time.


He gets impatient.  In the past I attacked,

and was caught in the counter.  Now

I mercilessly waited for him to falter.

It was sublime when he said: "Nothing's happening,"

mis-moved a Knight and was caught.

TDF'd him as Grandmaster Nigel Long once said:

Trapped, Dominated, F**ked.

(Short must have learned his game in prison.)


It wasn't luck, but I feel bad.

Who'd a thunk it?



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