The Top 10 Chess Games Of 2017

The Top 10 Chess Games Of 2017

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This has been a very intense year chess-wise, with very high-quality games and really exciting tournaments. It is not easy to make a selection of the best games. The problem with this sort of article is that there's always someone who thinks that some game deserves to be on the list and it's not. But I hope that you can fix that by leaving your comments with the chess games that you enjoyed most.

Now I will annotate my 10 selected games. Let me point out that the order is totally random, so it will be up to you, with your comments below and your mentions on Twitter, to decide which one will be chosen as the best chess game of 2017.

Beauty is a subjective concept. In chess, it is often related to tactics and spectacular play. Those were among the main factors I considered when selecting these games. Of course, beauty can be found in other aspects of our game, like playing precisely in a certain difficult ending, for example. Anyway, I couldn't resist selecting the most brilliant games of 2017

The Best Chess of 2017

#1 Bai - Ding

Ding Liren

Ding Liren, author of one of the best games of the year. Photo: Maria Emelianova

The Chinese league left us this work of art which, for many, is the best game of 2017. It is no doubt one of the most spectacular. You can also read the article that devoted to this game.

#2 Aronian - Carlsen

Levon Aronian

Aronian is living a great moment in his career. Photo: Maria Emelianova

The Armenian player has shown his best chess in 2017. Anand himself mentioned this game in the interview that I had the honor of holding with him. You can find the theme of quality exchange sacrifice and the attacking sacrifice on h7 in very few games. This is an exception.

#3 Antal - Vorobiov

Another one of the most incredible attacks that we have enjoyed in this year's chess games was the one GM Vorobiov launched against Antal, in the traditional International Open of La Roda (Spain).

#4 Kramnik - Harikrishna

Vladimir Kramnik

At 42, Vladimir Kramnik is still producing fantastic jewels. Photo: Maria Emelianova

Vladimir Kramnik has shown impressive chess this year. It is no coincidence that two of the games included in this article are his. This victory over Harikrishna is absolutely awesome. It has a surprising tactical part and an enviable technical part. 

#5 Wojtaszek - Topalov


The former World Champion gives a true lesson on attack. Photo: Maria Emelianova

Although there are some positions in which castling is not the best option, we must not forget the dangers threatening the king that is left in the center. If you don't believe me, you should watch this game.

#6 AlphaZero - Stockfish

AlphaZero de Google

AlphaZero made an appearance in the last episode of Master Luison's Ajedrez al Día.

Probably some will protest against my including a game between silicon minds in this list of best games of the year, but few have remained indifferent to the brilliancy of Google's hero's play.

# 7 Aronian - Giri

Levon Aronian

A double mention for Aronian in the list of best games of 2017... or not? 

2017 has been a magnificent year for the Armenian grandmaster. We've already seen his impressive victory over World Champion Magnus Carlsen. Now let's see another amazing game by Aronian.  

#8 Aronian - Giri

Levon Aronian

A triple mention! Photo: Maria Emelianova

If, as I mentioned before, 2017 was Aronian's best year, it must not come as a surprise that 3 of his games are included in this list. Personally, this is one of my favorites.

#9 Xiong - So

Wisley So

Wesley So is the author of a real beauty. Photo: Maria Emelianova

The next game is a real masterpiece carried out by the brilliant American grandmaster born in the Philippines, Wesley So, who bravely launches an attack against the enemy king with sacrifices.

#10 Kramnik - Bluebaum

Vladimir Kramnik

The former World Champion was another one of the best players of 2017. Photo: Maria Emelianova

To wrap up this selection of the best games of 2017, we meet Kramnik again. He's been playing at a magnificent level lately. His win over Bluebam in Dortmund is also worth admiring. It is a perfect attacking game.

This is my selection of the best and most spectacular games of 2017. Do you think there is any game missing in this list? Share your favorite game of 2017 in the comments.
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