Tips to Improve Your Calculation

| 25 | Middlegame

Many of my friends who lost control in their calculation, once said: "I can't calculate for next eight moves forward, all i can do is only five moves forward" So, in this short article i will give some tips to improve your calculation technique.

1.Training exercises, This exercises of this sort gradually led to an improvement of calculation


See the example above, try starting the analysis and find the steps that make white wins. I am not asking for an answer, I just gave an example of exercises that help improve your calculation. After finished with that, the second step is

2.Compare your analyzes with the annotator analyzes, This let you know, how good is your calculation.

Do this everyday, everywhere, everytime, and it's better if you are analyzing without moving the pieces on the board, and i am sure this will improve your calculation in the end. ;-)