Top Five Moves: Candidates Edition

Top Five Moves: Candidates Edition‎

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How did the contenders for the right to a world championship match become the stars they are today? Join the Ginger GM, Simon Williams, on a tour of the best moves of each of these eight amazing players.

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Ian Nepomniachtchi's Top Five Moves: GM Ian Nepomniachtchi took the 2020 Candidates tournament by storm and led with three wins and no losses after six rounds. He's currently the number-four player in the world and a likely opponent for Magnus Carlsen. Check out Nepo's best ever moves!

MVL's Top Five Moves: GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave is currently leading the 2020 candidates tournament and may well be the next player to challenge Magnus Carlsen for the world championship. Check out the five best moves of his career!

Fabiano Caruana's Top Five Moves: GM Fabiano Caruana has already drawn the classical portion of a world championship match and may well earn a rematch this year. See how he did it with a review of his five greatest moves.
Ding Liren's Top Five Moves: GM Ding Liren once went 100 games between losses, has beaten Magnus Carlsen in a playoff match, and is currently the third highest-rated player in the world. How did he accomplish such feats? Find out with an analysis of Ding's five greatest moves.
Wang Hao's Top Five Moves: GM Wang Hao won the Isle of Man international tournament to qualify for the world championship candidates tournament, where he started by defeating Ding Liren in the first round! Check out the five best moves of Wang Hao's great career!

Kirill Alekseenko's Top Five Moves: GM Kirill Alekseenko is the least well-known player in the 2020 Candidates tournament. He's an underdog in the event, but he's a super-grandmaster with many great wins in his career. Check out his top five best moves so far.

Alexander Grischuk's Top Five Moves: GM Alexander Grischuk has been one of the top players in the world for many years and may be the next challenger in a world championship match against Magnus Carlsen. Check out the top five moves of Grischuk's amazing career!

Anish Giri's Top Five Moves: GM Anish Giri earned the rating spot to qualify for the 2020 candidates tournament and is still in contention to challenge Magnus Carlsen for the world championship. Check out Giri's five greatest moves!

Do you know any moves from these great players that we missed? Let us know in the comments.

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