Top Five Moves Of The Chess Legends

Top Five Moves Of The Chess Legends

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GM Simon Williams, the Ginger GM, brings you more highlights from the games of the best chess players of all time! Check out the best moves ever of World Champions, the stars of the 1800s, Simon's favorite player, the greatest internet chess player, and a likely future champion!

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Magnus Carlsen's Top Five Moves: Magnus Carlsen is the current World Champion and might be the best player of all time! How did Carlsen become the star he is? Take a look at Magnus's top five moves from when he was a child up to his matches for the title.

Garry Kasparov's Top Five Moves: Garry Kasparov might be the greatest chess player of all time and has played some of the most amazing games ever. See if you can find Kasparov's top five moves!

Anatoly Karpov's Top Five Moves: Anatoly Karpov was World Champion for 10 years and a fearless rival to Garry Kasparov for another decade after that. Check out his five greatest moves!
Bobby Fischer's Top Five Moves: Bobby Fischer was the most dominant player of his era and maybe of all time! What ingenious ideas did he use to win the World Championship and a perfect 11-0 US Championship? Find out by seeing his five best moves!

Rashid Nezhmetdinov's Top Five Moves: Rashid Nezhmetdinov was one of the greatest attacking players ever and a huge inspiration for Simon Williams. Check out the top five moves of this creative genius!

Paul Morphy's Top Five Moves: Paul Morphy was the greatest attacking player of the 1800s. See if you can figure out the top five moves of his brilliant career.

Hikaru Nakamura's Top Five Moves: Grandmaster Simon Williams presents the top five moves of American GM and tactical wizard, Hikaru Nakamura. Nakamura is the defending Speed Chess Champion and a legend of online chess. Can you find Hikaru's greatest combinations?

Alireza Firouzja's Top Five Moves: Maybe the most exciting young grandmaster today is Alireza Firouzja! Check out his five best moves and see why many people see him as a future World Champion!

Mikhail Tal's Top Five Moves: There's never been an attacker like World Champion Tal! Check out the five most amazing moves he ever played!

Vishy Anand's Top Five Moves: World Champion Anand is one of the greatest players in the history of chess! Simon Williams, the ginger GM, presents the most amazing moves from Anand's long career.

AlphaZero's Top Five Moves: When it came onto the scene in December 2017 Alpha Zero promptly destroyed Stockfish, previously the strongest engine in the world, in a match. Check out the five most amazing moves that AlphaZero ever played!

Can you find the top moves of these chess legends? Have you played any amazing moves yourself? Tell us in the comments!

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