Trash Talk

| 19 | Fun & Trivia

There comes times in my on-line chess challenges that I can not play like a monotonous, robot. That's when the trash talk comes out. Most of the time, it is just a friendly "You got destroyed" or "Were you playing with your eyes closed?" I wouldn't necessarily call this trash talk, but I would tell an opponent on a slow moving turn to place one of his pieces on a particular square and 95% of the time, they respond with that move.  On rare occasions, the beast comes out

, especially when I have an opponent on the run. Vulgar insults pursue and it's invigorating to do so. I get really riled up when they talk trash back. All of this is in the name of fun; to liven the game competition up a little bit. Is this alright or should I continue to play like a computer program; emotionless and dull?