Typical Patterns Everyone Should Know. Part Two.

Typical Patterns Everyone Should Know. Part Two.

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This is a continuation of our discussion about typical patterns you can reuse in your games. The recipe for today's pattern is:

1) Fianchettoed Bb2 (Bb7 for Black) pointing at the opponent's King

2) Ne5 (Ne4) that joins the attack eventually

3) f4 (f5) pawn that supports the Ne5 and opens the way for a Rook lift (Rf1-f3-g3-h3)

4)Rf3 (Rf6) lift

5) Qh5 (Qh4) bringing the Queen into the attack is usually deadly.

Now let's see how it works in real games.  As usual in my columns most of the games are given as a quiz, so you can both sharpen your tactical skills and better understand the pattern.


In the next game White used the same idea for his attack.

Please remember that no pattern works in all the cases.  Some minor change in the position can lead to a dramatic change in the result. Just look at the next game.

So what should you do when this pretty Qh5+Ng4 combo doesn't work? Well, the beauty of the attacking pattern we are discussing today is that even if your opponent doesn't fall for the Qh5+Ng4 trick, you still get a very strong attack. Just watch how one of the best chess players in the World suffered from this attacking pattern.

As you could see this attacking pattern can arise from different openings but with the same deadly consequences.  Try it and I am sure you'll enjoy it!
Good luck!
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