Things not to do in the opening moves

| 10 | For Beginners

I have noticed that most beginners do not begin the game well. Firstly bringing the queen out in the opening moves isn't a good idea as it can result in nothing apart from the opposition developing it's pieces quicker. 






As you can see in the example above, black develops both knights whereas white has wasted an opportunity to develop their pieces and ends up only developing one knight.

Secondly,  beginners often move their pawns forward instead of developing their pieces.Here is a simple example






As you can see above, white had little knowledge of the importance of  developing it's pieces therefore fell into a trap. It is easy to see the checkmate for most, but beginners need to know to do the right thing.

In the sequence below, a better (not perfect at all) opening is shown but at least there is no risk of checkmate.






Now, in the sequence above black's opening move is the first move of which particular opening? please leave your answer in the comments. Please note that this is my first article and i am working on another one based on endgames (advanced). i apologize if you didn't like this article but it was only a 40-45 minute  job.

Here is a Puzzle for you to have a go at. Enjoy!!! (easy puzzle by the way)