Vasily Smyslov: Master Of Attack

Vasily Smyslov: Master Of Attack

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Can you attack like World Champion Smyslov?

Vasily Smyslov a World Champion known for his positional play. However, you don't get to be a champion without also possessing attacking genius. FM Andrey Terekhov demonstrates five of Smyslov's best attacking gems.

  • Check out Smyslov's demolition of former World Champion Max Euwe.
  • See Smyslov's surprising gambits.
  • Learn from the games of one of the best players of all time!

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Attacking Against Gerasimov:  Smyslov played his immortal game when he was only fourteen years old. Check out his amazing attacking play and also an amazing combination by Akiba Rubinstein that may have inspired Smyslov.
Attacking Against Kirillov: In a must-win situation, Smyslov played an unusual gambit. FM Andrey Terekhov
demonstrates the surprising quiet move and then the brilliant tactics that made it work.

Attacking Against Kottnauer:  What do you do when Black falls behind in development in a Sicilian? You open the center and attack. FM Andrey Terekhov brings you another masterpiece by World Champion Smyslov!

Attacking Against Gereben: Even a superstar like Smyslov wasn't above playing speculative gambits on occasion. Watch how he gave away a pawn for development and then scored a crushing victory!

Attacking Against Euwe:  Smyslov's brilliant attacking ideas even worked against other World Champions. In the 1948 World Championship tournament, Smyslov scored a rare opening knock-out against Max Euwe.

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