Video Series on How to Improve Your Chess

Video Series on How to Improve Your Chess

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Regardless of level, every chess player is looking for ways to improve their game. They solve tactical puzzles, research openings, practice endgames, study master games, and much more. But one area of their chess that is often neglected is the psychological aspect of the game.

In this video series, GM Kaidanov delivers several fascinating lectures on how chess players can improve the psychological defects of their game. Things like: playing too aggresively, too passively, blundering, not staying objective, missing the critical moment, etc. 

Kaidanov's main recommendation for all chess players is the critical study of their own games. By analyzing your own games, you are able to analyze your mistakes and pinpoint not only which area of your game needs improvement, but also some deeper and more important flaws in your general critical thinking process. What is often forgotten by many is that the most important skill in chess is critical thinking, and given that this video series will help viewers improve their overall chess playing ability.

Throughout the series, Kaidanov analyzes and reflects on his own games, giving you an inside look on what goes on in a Grandmaster's head as they are going over their game. The entire video series is designed for ALL players looking to improve their game. Enjoy!

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Part 1 -- The first video is an introduction to the art and science of analyzing your own games. Using a powerpoint presentation, GM Kaidanov explains why reflecting on your own mistakes is so important, and then gives some examples and insight into the most common types of mistakes. (Beginner-Advanced)

Part 2 -- The second video shows Kaidanov analyzing a very important loss in his chess career. He goes over his most critical mistakes from that game and discusses how he then learned from those mistakes and grew as a chess player. (Intermediate)

Part 3 -- The third video continues Kaidanov's own self-critical approach to his games. After analyzing a second game of his from the past, he internalizes a key psychological issue of his and demonstrates how he was able to mend the problem. (Intermediate-Advanced)

Part 4 -- The fourth video has Kaidanov analyzing another one of his games where he reflects on a very critical mistake - underestimating your opponent. This is one of the most honest and genuinely expressed videos you'll ever see, and the Grandmaster's insight into many psychological aspects of chess is nothing short of remarkable. (Advanced)

Part 5 -- The fifth video has Kaidanov introducing another great exercise that should be part of every improving player's arsenal - solitaire chess. Using a game that he himself trained with, Kaidanov instructs the viewer in how to use solitaire chess to greatly improve their understanding of the game. (Advanced)

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