Vote For The 2020 Awards!
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Vote For The 2020 Awards!

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Voting is now closed as of 9 a.m. PT 12/31.

Each year, looks back on some of the best games, moves, and events from the prior 365 days. This year, is thrilled to formalize this process and announce the 2020 Awards. Even better, you, the community, get to weigh in and cast your vote!

While 2020 was a disrupted chess year due to COVID as almost all super-tournaments were cancelled and the 2020 World Chess Championship was postponed, 2020 was also the biggest chess year in memory for many. The online chess boom that began with lockdowns and extended through the release of "The Queen's Gambit" introduced millions of new players to the game and radically altered the way chess was played and experienced by many, amateurs and professionals alike.

To represent the diverse perspectives that are growing and loving the game in 2020, the Award winners will be determined by a combination of votes from an expert panel and votes from the community. Additionally, while you can vote for as many or as few categories as you want, 10 randomly selected respondents who vote in every category will win memberships (one 1-year, four 6-months, five 3-months).

Here are the categories for this year's awards:

  • Game of the Year
  • Player of the Year
  • Creator of the Year (community vote only)
  • Move of the Year
  • Computer Game of the Year
  • Book of the Year
  • Event of the Year (by viewership)
  • Story of the Year (by readership)
  • Clip of the Year (by viewership)

Voting is by ranked choice. Bubble in your rank for the selected candidate to recognize them. There are more candidates than categories so you won't be able to rank all of your choices, just your top candidates. You only need to rank a single candidate to have your vote counted for that category.

Did we miss any major candidates or categories? Let us know in the "Honorable Mentions" section, and we may include your submission when we announce the winners on Dec. 31st!

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