What is your real rating?

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                    I felt bad for all those people (non rated) in chess tournaments so this article is about them! This article shows what is your real rating suppose to be?


            0-500 rating

  • If you lost many games.
  • Never got a trophy
  • Do not know how to castle
  • Don't know how to stalemate
  • Don't know how to checkmate with 2 rooks
  • Don't know how to En passant




  • If you have a few trophies
  • If you have alot of medals
  • If you know how to castle
  • If you know how to checkmate with a queen
  • If you know how to checkmate with 2 rooks
  • If you know how to stalemate
  • If you have been rated in the top 100 in a tournament

  • If you were rated in the top 10 in atleast 25 tournaments
  • If you won many trophies and own a trophy case
  • If you ever got 1st place in a tournament
  • If you know how to checkmate with 1 rook
  • If you know how to En Passant
  • If you rarely resigned a game
  • If you play all the way into the end even when you know your going to lose

                    2500 or higher
  • If you beat a grandmaster
  • If you are a grandmaster
  • If you know all about skewers, pins and forks
  • If you can do all the tactics of 1000-2500 
  • If you ever won the nationals
  • If you were ranked in the top 5 of a super national

                    (Lowest) 0 or lower
  • If you resign in 98% of all your games
  • If you never won a game
  • If you don't know how to play chess
  • If you wasted your money to be a rated player.

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