What’s The Best Place To Play Chess?

What’s The Best Place To Play Chess?‎

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There are a lot of options for the best place to play chess.

Perhaps it’s in a large tournament, or even the world championship match, with millions of dollars on the line, and your opponent just blundered. 

Maybe it’s just a fun game with a good friend.

There’s an old photographer’s saying: the best camera is the one you have with you. The same is true for our game. The best place to play chess is anywhere you happen to be.

That’s why we are announcing a new contest open to all Chess.com members.

Show us the funniest, coolest, and craziest places you use Chess.com — whether it’s on a notebook computer, a smartphone, or a tablet — however you get your Chess.com fix.

We'll select the best photos, and five winners will receive prizes.

Here's how to enter the contest:

  1. Take a photo of yourself or a friend using Chess.com. It can be on the website, the Android app, or the iOS app, on any connected device. 

  2. Post your photo to Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus using the #chessanywhere hashtag — and be sure to tag Chess.com in the post. You must use the #chessanywhere hashtag or we won't be able to see it. 

  3. Share your post with your friends so they can like and share the photo themselves, increasing your chance to win.

The contest starts on March 30, and ends on April 23. Winners will be announced on April 27. 

Here are the prizes for the five winners -- UPDATED WITH WINNERS:

  1. First choice of an appearance on one of Chess.com's live broadcasts. Play in a simul on the Big Show. Play against IM Thomas Rendle in Hack Attack. Or try your luck in a best-of-five match with IM Daniel Rensch in a Bullet Brawl.

  2. Second choice of an appearance on one of Chess.com's live broadcasts. 

  3. One month diamond membership.

  4. One month platinum membership.

  5. One month gold membership.

You're free to be as creative as you like. Here's one idea: Spring is here. Why not take Chess.com with you outside?

IM Daniel Rensch sure looks like he got an early start on his outdoor chores — and playing #chessanywhere.

Chess.com, anywhere you are: it's a slam dunk.

We’ve looked at the craziest places to play chess, and even some of the funniest chess meme pics. But now it’s time for you to contribute. 

So join Danny, and start fishing for some ideas.

You can play #chessanywhere — but please, not while you're driving.

Remember to post your own #chessanywhere pictures on FacebookTwitter, or Google Plus. We can't wait to see the crazy places our members play on Chess.com. 


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