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I have noticed that on, an otherwise tremendous way to waste one's time, that 78%* of articles on here are whinge-fests, nought but complain-athons consisting of such dazzling content as:

"I hate it when players never resign" (erm, prove you can win the game then) or "Why does so-and-so take so long over important moves, is he a cheat?" (who knows and who are you to say?)

Surely the beauty of chess, online more than anywhere, is to meet and play a diverse bunch of people from the four corners of the Earth, adjusting to different styles, speeds and tactical approaches.  And learning from both victory and defeat. 

Personally, that's why I love it.

I know this is in itself a whinge, but it is trying to be a constructive one!

Toodle-pip for now and Happy Halloween (woooooooooooooooooooo).

*84.5% of stats are made up, as Vic Reeves once said.