Why I like better than ICC

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I was on ICC for years.  I don't think it helped my game too much.  Too much speed chess or never enough time to play a real pondering game.  Then people bail out, quit, disappear, fail to pay their fees etc. Going to arbitration, etc. 

 In fact I lost interest in chess as a game for a time, I think largely due to speed chess and not having a way to practically play a slower paced game.  It took away that which I liked about chess, the thinking and pondering, the pushing to see the the next possibilities and the ones after those, and made chess more like a video game.  Hand eye coordination and knee-jerk reactions.  Sure some of those reactions were sound chess tactics in given situations, but the core of thinking and contemplating was gone.  Afterward, when trying to play a slower game, I found myself playing speed chess!  Not stopping and thinking like I should, being impatient.  So having said all that, I let my account expire.

But here, every game is a thinking one.  I really like the whole format of play. I have other things to do in life, but now I sign on, check my games, think about a move for hours if I like, or minutes, depending.  Go away, come back, ponder some more.  Finally press submit... And presto - I find my game improving and more importantly, I'm enjoying it again!

Just give me a "Next Ready Game" button on the game screen, that can be pushed without making a move and I'll be happier than a pig in slop.  Not that I am not already! 

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