You can and will improve your chess play!

You can and will improve your chess play!‎

NM Coach-Bill
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It is my goal to give back to the chess world every single bit of knowledge I have acquired about the game, without exception. Chess has been a major part of my life and it's time for me to share. How can you be a part of this? Please read on for the answers!


What is the best way to improve your chess play? I posed this question in my free video lessons course and suggested if you ask ten chess players are going to get ten good answers. As my course states, I believe I have the best answer. More on this in the moment. I have seen many strong players lay out suggested paths of improvement and I must say some of these seem to require you to devote hundreds, if not thousands, of hours with no clear plan how to measure what you have learned. I believe anyone who suggests a study plan for you is basing it upon what worked for them. Mine does this as well but it maximizes your time by focusing on what you need to know most to improve with less emphasis on facets of your game that you don't need to know deeply until you reach a much higher level of play. A critical question my course asks is “How much time do you have for chess?” Everyone's answer is going to be different so I geared my methods of improvement toward the player with the least available time. Naturally those with more time may dig in and take advantage of my countless videos.


I am happy to say that here at all my methods to improve your play are available to you. First, my free video lessons group has reached over 2500 members in less than 14 months. My YouTube playlist includes my free video lessons course plus many other topics including analysis of amateur games, and videos of me playing live chess individually and simultaneous so you may see exactly what a chess master thinks when he plays a game. Second, we offer regular online matches. Correspondence chess is a great way to improve your game because it provides the proper time to learn openings, middle game strategy, endgames, and hones your analytical and evaluation skills. Third, our group forums has a thread you may post your games for member discussion. If you help someone else with their game, they and others are are likely to help you. Fourth I have a team of coaches including many titled players on staff to assist you. Fifth, I give periodic simultaneous exhibitions and I have several other titled players that do the same when they have time. Many of you rarely, if ever, get to play a titled player and this is your opportunity. Watch the forums for announcements. Sixth, our forums are full of topics designed to assist your play. I stand by my statement this is the best coaching group at No coach gives more to his students than I do.


Join my free video lessons group here:


A good place to start is my free video lessons course which will find on my YouTube playlist and it’s usually linked on page one of the group wall.


Another key to your chess development is to play standard chess. I have a subgroup that is new and growing rapidly with nearly 600 members in less than a month. Everyone is raving about it. It was announced in my blog series how the Internet has changed chess. Suffice it to say it will become the leading standard play organization on the Internet, and no other standard play group can compare itself to what we offer. We only feature time controls comparable to what you would find in real over-the-board chess. A good game of chess should last 3 to 5 hours on the amateur level. Our time controls, 75 30 and 90 30 will allow you to achieve this. Participation is simple. Register in advance or show up at any of our five daily start times and get a game. No more endless negotiations with your opponent over a playing time that more often than not isn't when you wish to play. You will find yourself driving off to a chess club less to play, you save entry fees and fuel. You need a real club to get a real rating and my group will prepare you to face good competition offered anywhere in the world.


Join my World Standard play group here:


As stated above, I have the tools in place to teach everyone what I know about the game. They're all here to assist you in your all welcome to join my teams. Please also consider upgrading your membership to premium. By doing this, you support all venture and features offered at Thank you for your time.

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