Young Superstars:  Koneru Humpy

Young Superstars: Koneru Humpy

| 9 | Chess Players

Koneru Humpy (born 31 March 1987 in Gudivada, Andhra Pradesh) is a chess grandmaster from India.  She was originally named Hampi but her father later changed it to Humpy, a more Russian-sounding name.  She writes her family name (Koneru) before her given name. 

Her father, Ashok, a former chemistry teacher, acts as her coach.  He was inspired by the Fischer-Spassky match and had won the South India Open Championship in 1985 and competed in several Indian Championships.  He taught the moves to Humpy at the age of 5.  The next year, when she suggested a winning move to a game in 'The Chess Informator', he began to quiz her on her chess understanding.  Finding her aptitude amazing, he started a chess school for her along with other promising students.  Today, Humpy spends about six hours a day on chess.  At the chessboard as White, she has played d4 two thirds of the time and Nf3 the other third but today it's almost exclusively the former.  As Black, she plays the Caro-Kann, Petrov and Sicilian Kan against e4 and the Queen's Indian and Nimzo Indian against d4.

Humpy has won four World Championships, including the World Girls Under 10, Under 12, Under 14 and World Girls Junior championships.  She achieved the title of Grandmaster at 15 years, 1 month, 27 days, beating Judit Polgar's previous record by 3 months.  In 2006 she participated in the Women's World Chess Championship, but was eliminated in the second round.  Her July 2007 FIDE Elo rating is 2572, placing her at number two in the world for women. 

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