Your Chess Improvement is my job! I can and do help!

Your Chess Improvement is my job! I can and do help!

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It was two years ago today I join but I remained inactive until April of 2012. It was on November 14, 2011 that I launched my YouTube video program designed to improve your chess play. Since that time I've created over 300 public videos covering a wide variety of topics. I believe I have the best improvement program on the market and would to instill this same confidence in your improvement. My methods are simple. I focus on what you need to know most to improve in order to maximize your valuable time. In essence I pick out what worked for me to become a chess master in hopes that you may duplicate my success and raise your skill and rating.


My video lessons group here was created late April 2012 and has risen to become the six largest group on In March of this year stopped recording the top-selling coaches. I reached number four among titled players. Since then I picked up a solid base of over 20 students who take regular online lessons from the each week. In addition my activity here has led me to over 100 students I teach in groups in person every week. Unofficially I am certainly the top-selling coach on I'm not actively recruiting new students as my time is extremely limited. In short, I was able to give up a career teaching in public schools to coach chess full-time. Smartest career move I have ever made.


The essence of my program is you improve your skills by analyzing your games. This method worked for me. Long standard time control games may be played in real life tournaments or online here at I owe my master title to the fact I delved into postal chess over 30 years ago.  This forced me to learn openings, analyze positions, and study the appropriate endgames relevant to my positions. Postal chess has almost become a lost art as many people who play online chess rush their moves! One may learn so much more if they take their time! My video lessons group always has new team matches starting up. Many times we take on stronger clubs so a key facet of my program, that of playing stronger players, is in place to help you improve your play. Our group forums have topics in place to assist your development as a chess player.


I just have a NM title, why am I doing so well with my groups and as a coach? Part of it is because I am an experienced school teacher. I know how to engage my students in activities where they will learn. They see improvement, and return for more lessons. Also, I have a great passion for sharing everything I know about chess. I hold nothing back. I’m spilling all my secrets, all my analysis. My video lessons program is free, and over 6,400 people have started it. My YouTube playlist is sorted by topic. You can observe me play live and see exactly what my thoughts are how and why I choose my moves. There are over 200 games analysis videos on my playlist where you can see exactly how I dissect a position and find the truth. You will see virtually every opening, ending, and middle game strategy explained so that you know how to play these types of positions. My videos have pulled out the most important information that is buried among hundreds of chess books, articles, and videos.


I have also recently partnered with GM Petar Genov, twice Bulgarian chess champion. He has joined my video lessons group and has a separate chess school group I work in as well. He is extremely affordable as a coach for private instruction.

I also have a group where you may easily find long standard games on demand every time and day of the year. When you want a game to practice for your real in-person events, we have a time control of 90 30 which is the only time control online which compares with over the board tournaments.  In just 6 months, it is the 32nd largest group on!


If you aren’t yet in my groups, come join the fun! They are set up to facilitate your chess improvement:

To join, use these links:

My Video Lessons Group:

My World Standard Time Control Group:

GM Petar Genov’s Chess School:

Check out my YouTube playlists here:


Thanks for your time.

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