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Greek Arena-Τουρνουά Ελλάδος
Αμιγώς Ελληνική ομάδα . Ορος ένταξης στην ομάδα μας η αγάπη για το σκάκι σαν άθλημα και πνευματικό παιχνίδι. Σεβασμός στους συμπαίκτες και αντιπάλο...
Slow Chess League
The original group for slow chess on Our club is currently idle.
Daily Chess Musings
This club is for the people who are fans of the Daily Chess Musings Blog and YouTube Channel. Here we will practice playing, use the concepts from ...
Endava Chess Club Chess Club - for all Endava employees, ex-Endavans, and friends & family of Endava.  
The Kansas City Chess Club
August 2022 Kansas City Chess Club Updates from Ken News: 13 Players participated in our July 22nd $300 Cash Prize Tournament on and Zo...
U v U
Hello!    Welcome to ~ U v U Club!!   here we can do many things, 1. talk 2. learn 3. play 4. enjoy 5. make friendship  6. laugh  and m...
Jamaica Chess Federation
The official club page of The Jamaica Chess Federation. Clas...
Classic RAR on
Hi RAR! This is Classic RAR! Our goal is to take over the world, so join to help us out! We have many tournaments with cash prizes in order to help...
Clube de Estudos
É um clube onde nosso objetivo é apenas melhorar juntos e nos ajudar a melhor com posts e dando dicas como melhorar!! Se você está sendo convidado...
Chess University - Morocco
Chess University Affiliate Club for residents of Morocco who wish to improve at chess. This club serves to help the local chess community organize ...
Karishma Chess Club
Hi Kids, This group is only for my students to play tournaments. Any queries should be asked via watsapp message.   Karishma
Team Singapore
Team Singapore aims to be a welcoming place promoting chess as well as a chance to make friends and have fun. This is the group represent...
Atletico de Madrid S.A.D
Grupo para los seguidores y simpatizantes del Atlético de Madrid Group for fans and supporters of Atletico Madrid. Club Activo. ¿Te gustaría jugar ...
Chess Shoots
Chess Shoots is a premier Chess Academy which has trained 3 Commonwealth Gold Medalists, 9 top 3 National Finishes, 25 State Champions, and More th...
189 - Azerbaijan
Nömrə 1 Şahmat Saytı Azərbaycan dili bölməsi: Oyna. Öyrən. Həll Et. Hər həftə keçirilən premium üzvlük ödüllü yarışmalara qoşul. Chess...
English Chess Federation - Members
ECF Members  - This is the Official Club of the English Chess Federation.  Club membership is limited to ECF members and supporters who w...
Les Potat0's
Bienvenue à toutes et tous ! Du jeu et de la bonne entente, c'est le crédo de ce modeste club créé pour que l'on puisse se retrouver et disputer d...
Club Coronación
This is the Club Coronación. A club where you can play daily matches against other clubs and have fun meeting people. If you want to know more abou...
Paradise Chess Club
Relax and play chess in paradise. We play vote chess, daily matches, and other chess activities while taking in the beauty of nature.
Improve your chess
My name is Kyrylo Demchenko, I am the chess coach and this group was created for my students only, like place where they will able to play in tourn...