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Команда победителей школы шахмат ChessMaster
Команда школы шахмат ChessMaster, среди учеников годового курса "Школа Победителей"
Pusheen the Cat
last updated on Wednesday, June 2, 2021Hai @LilPrincess901 here made this club for testing somethin uwu it’s growing actually wooOo 🥳 If u want...
ChessKidsNation Club
This Group is for ChessKidsNation Students to play online chess tournaments.
Federación Salvadoreña de Ajedrez
Club Oficial de la Federación Salvadoreña de Ajedrez, canal oficial de campeonatos online. Institución deportiva que desarrolla e impulsa el ajedr...
ChessWeeb Club
The Official Club for the ChessWeeb Channel
ChessWarriorsThePro's Friends and Fans
If you want to join the club, you must follow me at In my stream, I will host Viewer Arena's, Viewer Bat...
Scid users
User group for users of Scid. Scid ( is a free chess database. It has very many features but is not always intuitive to use. ...
Opening Fighters
We are a club that teaches and talks about openings. We love to prep and help people get a good middlegame!
Team Costa Rica
Pura vida ! El 'Team Costa Rica' es para los jugadores ticos (dentro y fuera del país), para jugar en la ' World League' adem&aacu...
Warriors Of Light
We are Warriors Of Light. Come join us in the infinite battle against the dark. Warriors value a worthy adversary. There is no honor in fighting th...
Waltham Chess Club
Meets Friday nights, 7 PM until midnight. Specializing in one-day events, from G/5 to G/60.  Contact info at the web site 404 Wyman StreetWaltham,...
2º Campeonato Estadual Escolar de Xadrez Online - Masculino Sub-14
O 2º Campeonato Estadual Escolar de Xadrez online é uma ação gratuita promovida e realizada pela Federação de Esportes Estudantis de Minas Gerais –...
Trang Bom Young Chess Club
CLB cờ vua Trảng Bom muốn tạo ra một sân chơi cho các bạn nhỏ yêu thích môn thể thao trí tuệ này. Hoan nghênh các kỳ thủ cùng tham gia rèn luyện, g...
IKC De Piramide gr. 7-8
Club voor de leerlingen van deltagroep 7/8b
PRO Puzzle Battle Team
Hello! This club is for strong puzzle rushers who enjoys playing Puzzle Battle. Join to discuss interesting puzzles and your strategies for rushing...
Kids Chess Classes.Com
International Kids Chess Club
The Film and TV Buffs
This is a club for all fans of film and TV, where you can exchange views on your likes and dislikes, plus play themed tournaments for customised pr...
Island School Summer Activity
This Club is for the activities programme in the summer