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The C-Squared Podcast is an in depth weekly discussion about the chess world with your hosts, Grandmasters Fabiano Caruana and Cristian Chirila. Br...
Boca Juniors
El equipo más grande de la Argentina, la mitad mas uno!! El rincon de los Xeneizes. Group about the principal Argentinian soccer team.
NR Chess Club
A high school chess club located at North Royalton, OH
The Shadow Masters
Hello chess player! We see that you have not yet joined The Masters! Well, before we go into why you join blah blah blah, our daily matches are bl...
Chess play and learn
this club is for tournaments and vote chess games
Scacchi Genovesi
Ragazzi, amici, Genovesi, ma soprattutto scacchisti, venite nel mio prestigioso club dove si può partecipare a tornei online privati, a vota la mos...
UMass Amherst Chess
Welcome to the Umass Amherst chess group on We play OTB and also host online matches and tournaments. Open to compete with other univers...
Svenska Schackligan
Välkommen till Svenska Schackligans klubb på! Vill du delta i Svenska Schackligan behöver du gå med i den här klubben med ditt
EBUS Chess Club
EBUS Chess Club
Team Hong Kong
For chessplayers in Hong Kong or who feel a connection with Hong Kong. It represents Hong Kong in the World and Asian Leagues. Members n...
The Pokémon Fans
This group is for all fans of Pokémon! Whether you like the anime, the movies, the cards, or the games come join us! We will discuss Pokémon and pl...
Witaj w klubie ChessStars! Zachęcamy do udziału w naszych turniejach gdzie można zdobyć ciekawe nagrody. Więcej informacji o turniejach, nagrodach ...
Chelsea FC.
Welcome to the official YouTube channel of Chelsea Football Club Premier League 2023-24: Hello, we are about to play the UEFA Europa League Qualify...
Coaches's official club for coaches. This club is dedicated for members already listed as Coaches. To be listed on, please ap...
The Hammy Cult
For those who devote the life of their profile pictures, to the one and only creator, the God of pfp making, and the very creation of this sanctuar...
Kongerød 26B
Sjakklubben til 8B på Kongerød ungdomsskole
The LA Chess Club
Follow us on instagram.  Young fun & trash @ chess Check us out on instagramanddiscord Building a chess club clubhouse in Los Angeles for s...
CHT Junior Reporter Squad
This is a group for the Junior Reporters of CHT. In order to enter, you must first be a member of the Christian Homeschool Team. If you are alread...