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преди 2 часа
Hello, This is Aditya Dixit. Do read my new & first blog about my favourite Daily Puzzle at Signing off, Bye Bye
преди 4 часа
Monkey Power!!!
преди 9 часа
I'm 12 years old and I want a daddy to put it in my bum bum
преди 1 ден
The website that I am looking for beta testers is and our club is 4teamchess International. Beta testers report all anomalies there. I hope you will help us out. I think this is an exciting and unique concept in chess tournaments.
преди 1 ден
Hi, I am looking for beta testers for my tournament that uses ratings issued from It will run every day and when out of beta will accept a $6 entry fee which pays out 80%. A player of any skill level can participate as we pit four-player teams against all the other four-player teams. each team will have a novice, two intermediate, and an advanced player. While beta testing there will be 1000 simulated players included in the roster to fill out the tournament.