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University of Florida chess club

University of Florida chess club

Reitz Union, room 361, on UF campus  |   Основан: 11.02.2009 г.
Членове: 16
Meets Mondays at 7pm (as of Feb. 2010). Friendly games, tournaments, US chess federation rated and non rated events, community service opportunities. UF students, Non UF students, faculty, staff, and players of every skill level are welcome to attend meetings and events and most importantly play chess. See web site for exact time and location as they both varyReitz Union DriveGainesville, Florida, 32611gatorchessclub.comContact Email:


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    Mr. Fabulous | Chessville, Florida, Съединени щати

    Присъединил се в Клуба: 21.12.2016 г.


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