Намерете шах треньор, който може да Ви помогне да подобрите шах играта си. Най-добрите шах играчи, които са изброени тук, са на разположение за шах уроци и тренировки. Свържете се с шах треньор днес.

В Шах на Живо
Bojan Jovanovic
FIDE Рейтинг 2444
Kragujevac, Сърбия

Hi,I am FM Bojan Jovanovic P I am 25 years old My FIDE ELO  currently is 2444. I am fully dedicated chess coach. I was Champion of my country in category B10, B12 & B18. I have 8 years experience in coaching.I had couple of successful students in...

В Шах на Живо
Ilgar Bajarani
FIDE Рейтинг 2313
Baku, Азербайджан

İnternational master,international arbiter. FIDE senior trainer

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Swati Mohota
FIDE Рейтинг 2027
Kolkata, Индия

I am a WFM from India, playing Chess since last 31 years at State, National and International level and with an experience of 15 years in teaching Chess to school students from beginners to intermediate level. I also give private online lessons to kids...

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Fabien Libiszewski
FIDE Рейтинг 2531
Saint-Etienne, Франция

Chess player, chess coach, chess fan ! 

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Daniel Guel
USCF Рейтинг 1740
Waco, Texas, Съединени щати

Hello, my name is Daniel Guel, I am eighteen years old. I live in Waco, TX in a house full of nine total people! I play with the small, though developing Waco Chess Club, and my rating is currently 1703 USCF with a peak rating of 1828, good for Class-A...

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Алексей Терзи
FIDE Рейтинг 2322
Минск, Беларус

Check my Book for Beginners! Active player and online coach. I'm from Belarus and I'm 22 y.o. I I've been playing chess since I was 7 years old. FM since 2017. My Elo now is 2322. A winner of many international chess tournaments and festivals. I give...

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FIDE Рейтинг 2050

I stream the stuff!  Chess and horses.  https://www.twitch.tv/mrdodgychess New website: https://mrdodgychess.com/   Available for highly personalised lessons, suited to your needs.  I am particularly interested in working with ambitious adult players...

Онлайн преди 19 мин
Thanadon Kulpruethanon
FIDE Рейтинг 2216
Bangkok, Тайланд

Hello! I'm Thanadon Kulpruethanon. I'm a FIDE Master and Chess Coach from Thailand. I have played chess for more than 10 years. I have many coaching experience and can help you achieve your dream. Some of my great achievements are: - 3 time Thailand Champion...

Онлайн преди 20 мин
Shahxaib Khan Abbasi
FIDE Рейтинг 1990
Nazimabad-Karachi, Пакистан

Hello everyone, My name is Shahxaib Khan. I'm a National Master and professional Chess Coach. Apart from playing chess, I'm a professional Engineer.I started chess in mid 2012 aged 21?! when one of my Engineering mate introduced me to it at the end of...

Онлайн преди 27 мин
Maciej Klekowski
FIDE Рейтинг 2473
Częstochowa, Полша

Онлайн преди 28 мин
Nikolay Milchev
FIDE Рейтинг 2417
Stoke on Trent, Англия

      I am an International master since 2009 with peak rating 2469.I am a former Bulgarian junior champion under 16 and 18,vice-european champion under 16, Novy Sad/Serbia  (blitz section)Winner of many strong  chess tournaments around the world. I...

Онлайн преди 29 мин
Anna Kantane
FIDE Рейтинг 2323
Wrocław, Полша

Hi I'm active player and a certified trainer with few years experience in coaching and amazing results of my students. I've worked with strong world-famous coaches myself, so I have learnt a lot of training techniques from them. Combined with my own...

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Jose Riverol
FIDE Рейтинг 2302
Montevideo, Уругвай

Canal de YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/user/nau64Canal de Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/nau64ajedrez Si estas interesado por clases entrar en:http://nau64.com/clases-online Club en chess.com es: https://www.chess.com/club/nau64-chess-club-open en donde...

В Шах на Живо
Andrey Gutov
FIDE Рейтинг 2501
Belovo, Русия

Grandmaster Andrey Gutov Chess Academy https://gmandreygutov.com Chess Academy Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chess4days_academy/  I am an international grandmaster. World Champion 2017 for amateurs under 2400: https://amateurchess.com/aco-world-amateur-chess-championship-kos-2017/ ...

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Dušan Čolović
FIDE Рейтинг 2297

I am 47 year old FIDE master living in Serbia.I am playing chess for more then 35 years. I'm a participant of many open and berger tournaments in the countries of former Yugoslavia, with varying success. I regularly play at team championships in Serbia...

Онлайн преди 37 мин
Miloje Ratkovic
FIDE Рейтинг 2431

Hello chess friends! My name is Miloje Ratkovic (FM, fide elo 2416), from Serbia. I am professional chess coach and I have two years of teaching experience. All informations about coaching, you can find on my website: https://chesscoach.bookmark.com/ and...

Онлайн преди 37 мин
Clyde Wolpe
National Рейтинг 2130
Johannesburg, Южна Африка

I'm a former South African Chess Champion, now fully focused on coaching. I'm a FIDE Instructor and the director of goforchess Academy in Johannesburg, South Africa. I'm also the author of 'The Power of Chess' which has become the official chess coaching...

Онлайн преди 39 мин
Ankit Gajwa
FIDE Рейтинг 2302
New Delhi, Индия

Hi there! I am Ankit Gajwa, a FIDE Master with a FIDE Elo of 2302 from India. Along with an active chess player, i am also an experienced Chess coach. I have experimented with various tools and techniques of coaching and learning based on the theories...

Онлайн преди 40 мин
Gerasimenyuk Mikhail
FIDE Рейтинг 2400

FIDE Trainer (Porto Carras, Greece) https://ratings.fide.com/card.phtml?event=14111845   My students were Champions and prize-winners of the championship of Ukraine, Israel and European Championship I offer private lessons online using Skype (Ukrainian,...

Онлайн преди 40 мин
Dejan Bojkov
USCF Рейтинг 2597
Sofia, България

Graduated National Sports Academy in Sofia as a chess coach. Former trainer of the former women champion Antoaneta Stefanova. Available for private and group lessons online. You can check my video lesson library for chess.com  here. You can follow me...

Онлайн преди 41 мин
USCF Рейтинг 2260
Съединени щати

I'm a chess player, coach, and student;  I love the game and want to improve along with others! https://www.twitch.tv/thechesscoach I stream Arena Kings (almost every) Monday at 8pm EST and Friday at 3pm EST If you are interested in coaching, just email...

Онлайн преди 41 мин
Khanh Tran
USCF Рейтинг 2008
Ho Chi Minh city, Виетнам

Hello, I'm WFM Khanh Tran. I'm currently accepting new students. I'd love to help you to rapidly improve your rating while having fun. Here are a few chess achievements I've acquired over 10 years:       Title: WFM (Women FIDE Master)       USCF rating:...

Онлайн преди 43 мин
Evgenij Novikov
FIDE Рейтинг 2276
Moscow, Русия

Hi! My name is Evgenij Novikov. I'm a chess player, videoblogger, streamer, coach and founder of «ShahMatKanal» ❶ SITE ► http://shahmatkanal.com❷ YOUTUBE ► http://youtube.com/shahmatkanaltv❸ TWITCH ► http://twitch.tv/shahmatkanal❹ INSTAGRAM ► http://instagram.com/shahmatkanalcom❺...

Онлайн преди 46 мин
Gabor Horvath
FIDE Рейтинг 2252
Belfast, Унгария

  Hi, I am Gabor Horvath, a chess coach originally from Hungary. I am 38 years old and live in Belfast, Northern Ireland. A little bit about me I learnt chess from my father when I was 6 and have been participating in tournaments since I was 14. My...

Онлайн преди 46 мин

Hi! Im Matías (ELO FIDE: 2218) I offer Online Chess Lessons in spanish and english.  Im from Argentina, 31 years old. I run a chess academy in my country: ReyesyPeones. Certified as School Instructor by FIDE and Docente de Ajedrez by FEDA  i have 15...