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Broadland C Team
The Broadland C Team is a private players club. To join you must be a member of the main Broadland club
U.S. Chess Federation
U.S. Chess Federation is the premier team for American chess players as well as all members of the United States Chess Federation. With over 1500 m...
Team Wales
Welcome to Team Wales! This is the group representing Wales in the World League and European League. It is for all those who would like t...
Chess University - Venezuela
Chess University Affiliate Club para los residentes de Venezuela que desean mejorar en el ajedrez. Este club sirve para ayudar a la comunidad de aj...
North Carolina  USA
This is an active group for players in, or from, the state of North Carolina.
৩০৩ V2
Club to discuss V2, options for keeping it around, and ideas to take to make V3 better for those who prefer V2.
El club de la ciudad de Maracena perteneciente a la Provincia de Granada. Para todos los jugadores  que quieran pertenecer a un pequeño club y conv...
European League
The European League is the team match league for European national teams on This group is for admins and players of these teams.
Bleskové Kobylisy
Klub, kde snad někdy uspořádáme blicky i pro mimokobyliské.
Kluba ancaq Azərbaycanlılar və Türklülər girə bilər.Xayış edirəm bu klubada girin
King's Indian Defense
We are a group dedicated to studying, learning, and playing the Black and White sides of the King's Indian Defense (1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.e4...
UCLA Bruins Chess Club
This is the official UCLA Bruins Chess Club page! Members can play in matches against other schools within the Collegiate Chess League. We also hos...
Chess Bombers
For keen players who want to play chess matches and take part in Daily leagues and Vote Chess leagues. Please join. Chess Bombers is a Fun and re...
Parthenope's Fan Club
Welcome to the Fan Club of the three-time Italian Women's Chess Champion Maria De Rosa!   Maria fell in love with chess at the age of 6, became W...
Princeton Chess
A place for students to practice.   If you need join my WeChat group, please scan the club picture.  
Chess For Champs
Join My Club To Be Good At Chess.
Dinamo Zagreb
Dinamo Zagreb is a Croatian football club from Zagreb. Since the founding of the Republic of Croatia, it is the most trophy-winning club in the c...
Exton Chess Club
Exton Chess Club is a USCF affiliated club in PA serving chess lovers in and around 20 miles of Exton, WestChester, Downingtown, Malvern, chestersp...
Liverpool Fans
This is a group for all Liverpool football club fans world wide. To be a member of this group you have to be a geniue Liverpool Fan. We are an acti...