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Team Lincolnshire
We are actively seeking members and would welcome anyone living, working or with a connection the County of Lincolnshire. We’d be delighted if you ...
1. d4 group
This group is for everyone who likes to open with 1. d4. Whether you like to play Queen's Gambit, London, Colle System, Trompowsky, Torre Attack - ...
Knight's Templar International
Greetings. We are the Knights Templar. Our code is: Service, Courtesy, Honesty, Valor, Honor, Generosity, Fairness and Wisdom. We play: L...
The London Trainer- Official Club
Join now here in the Official London Trainer Club! Learn the London System and more openings.  we need users who are not participating in <20 ...
भारत/ BHARAT
Namastey to all Bharatiyas !!! " Bharat" - is the original name of our country , ' India'- is the name attached by Greeks & popularized by Brit...
The Warriors Of Anubis
We are not afraid to lose, because defeat is the beginning of victory.We are the ones who die and are reborn.The main thing is continuous movement ...
King and Queen Club
There is no Victory without Sacrifice This is an international club and all chess tournaments are held there We will analyze the official competi...
PeDeStRiAn Club
 Have you ever wanted to participate in a fierce chess battle against another club? Then this is the club for you. The Pedestrian Club is a club fo...
We organise tournaments...
Bahrain Chess Academy Juniors
The Home of All junior Chess Players in The Kingdom of Bahrain - Open to All Nationalities! Tournaments & Matches... Managed by:  IM/FT/NA Mo...
The Club of Pros and Noobs
This is just a club for chatting and fun. Feel free to join (you must be either a noob or a pro). We sometimes do vote chess and daily chess, thou...
Chess Challenge June 20 2021
Giải thi đấu cờ vua hàng tháng
Pirc Café
Here at the Pirc Café we serve nice, hot Pirc ready to be enjoyed. Our café is the perfect place to study and learn the Pirc (pronounced "peerts" o...
San Lorenzo de Almagro
El Rincon cuervo en Sumate para representarnos y jugar torneos y duelos contra otros clubes!... Espacio con buena onda para charlar y ha...
Team Norway
Bli med i Team Norway som har representert Norge i Europaligaen og Verdensligaen siden 2008! Delta i interne turneringer og spill online, vote ches...
Puerto Rico Chess Academy
Puerto Rico Chess Academy es una organización deportiva sin fines de lucro, fundada en el año 2016, cuyo objetivo fundamental es el desarrollo del ...
Magnus Carlsen VIP Lounge
welcome to VIP Lounge    This Club: "VIP Lounge" will pay off in spades when you are able to recognize your opponent’s trap and avoid it before...
ICA Fluor - Principiantes
Club de ajedrez de empleados de ICA Fluor - Nivel principiantes.
Szkoła szachowa SzachMistrz Kalisz
  SzachMistrzowie łączmy się! zapraszam do mojego klubu szachowego! Powodzenia w drodze do szachowego mistrzostwa! mistrz FIDE Maciej Sroczyński...
ChessSensasian and Companions
Everyone is welcome!!! Whether or not you are a friend of Hashi (@ChessSensasian), we hope that you join us!  We are all friends here!   PLEAS...
Croatian Team
  For all who loves Croatia. Welcome to the new team with daily chess, vote chess and tournaments of all kinds. Join us and have fun!   Za sv...
Team Jordan and Friends
                            This is the official national team of The                   Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan And their friends. This team...
korea and world club
누구든지 들어오실 수 있는 korea and world club입니다. 한국의 체스 발전을 기원합니다. Here is 'korea and world club' that anyone can join. we wish progress of korea chess.