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Hey howdy, hey! Welcome to my profile!

I am Ray, a Canadian chess player and enthusiast.

my bio is a mess. ikr? I should fix it up. or you can just read it and ignore this warning. it's mostly just quotes and a jumble of games and stuff. also this fancy font is freaking me out!!

Verse 1:

He's the master of the board
He knows every move and trick
He can checkmate you in four
Or make you resign in a click

He's Admiral_ChessBeard
The legend of
He's Admiral_ChessBeard
He makes his opponents run
He's Admiral_ChessBeard
He plays for fun and glory
He's Admiral_ChessBeard
He's the hero of this story

Verse 2:
He's the king of the ratings
He climbs the ladder every day
He's the leader of the rankings
He always has the final say

He's Admiral_ChessBeard
The legend of
He's Admiral_ChessBeard
He makes his opponents run
He's Admiral_ChessBeard
He plays for fun and glory
He's Admiral_ChessBeard
He's the hero of this story

Some may call him arrogant
Some may call him rude
But he doesn't care about them
He just cares about his mood
He loves to play chess online
He loves to win and gloat
He's the best player of all time
He's the greatest of the goat

He's Admiral_ChessBeard
The legend of
He's Admiral_ChessBeard
He makes his opponents run
He's Admiral_ChessBeard
He plays for fun and glory
He's Admiral_ChessBeard
He's the hero of this story

Admiral_ChessBeard, Admiral_ChessBeard
Admiral_ChessBeard, Admiral_ChessBeard
Admiral_ChessBeard, Admiral_ChessBeard
Admiral_ChessBeard, he's the hero of this story

Music Source: ChessComTakeover

Cheesy/lame quotes:

"Chess is chess I guess, no less." - Ray G. Scout

"If you don't know how to lose, you don't know how to win." - Ray G. Scout ... ?

"Some tactic is better then none." - Ray G. Scout

"It's usually bad to trade a queen for a bishop." (I learned it the hard way) - Ray G. Scout

Although chess is not battleship, "If you take the first hit, you keep fighting." - Ray G. Scout

" blogging is an art." - Ray G. Scout

"Chess Blogging can be an art. But like all art, most of the blogs are made by Ohio kids, and the rest of us might actually try" - 2000Knights

"I learned a important lesson which is to never, ever, Rush a Blog." - 2000Knights

 "an isolated pawn is never alone. It has you." - Ray G. Scout

"The blunder you do not see is the one that will defeat you." - Ray G. Scout

"And he sacrifices, the BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOG" - Ray G. Scout

"I know nothing. Nothing at all." - Ray G. Scout

"Ray is the name. Chess is the game." - Ray G. Scout

"Good. Life is good, and I got a mug of mint tea." - Ray G. Scout

"Chess... life... not much" - Ray G. Scout

"Don't stop till you tilt." - Ray G. Scout

"It can be the cheerleader hangout lounger or something." - Ray G. Scout

"If my fax is invalid, blame it on my pet fox." - Ray G. Scout

"aw screw it my pfp don't have enough rainbows" - Ray G. Scout

"Also hi! Life is mostly sunshine and rainbows here. Except outside it's the opposite, very dark and gloomy. Thankfully I'm here to brighten things up." - Ray G. Scout

"Friendship is match" - Ray G. Scout

"This quote is just a RickRoll"

"You don't call the Admiral, the Admiral calls you." - Frand Franklin Scout

"I never lose. I either win or draw." - Ray G. Knockoff

"you cant just put me on the spot like that" - DoubleSik

"Oh my gosh Admiral, take negative feedback. Its the best you can get." - HornetCruise

"WHAT IS THAT FAN SCREECHING NOISE" - OmarVahidov, a great fan of mine!

"I am not your fan" - OmarVahidov

"Guys, FCC is just officialy rip, I won't do anything for the club anymore." - OmarVahidov

"omar is a funny lad" - Fire

"sad i havent eated i cookie" - christianmariam

"I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t eaten a cookie. Cookies are delicious treats that can make you feel happy and satisfied. Maybe you can bake some cookies yourself or buy some from a nearby store. Here are some recipes for cookies that you might like. I hope you enjoy them and feel better soon."


"Don't rush in life, the same is true for chess. Which is why Bullet is a demonic torture method created by cursed souls" - MeercatsforMayor

"confirmed admiral is the ultimate chess nerd" - Eagle

"i just realized i made it on to the cheesy/lame quotes surprise.png" - Eagle

"muahahaha i have the most cheesy/lame quotes besides admiral! >happy.png" - Eagle

"HAHA NOW I HAVE 3!!!" - Eagle

"admiral speedrunning putting all the lame things I said in his bio be like:" - Eagle

"next thing you know there will be a duck riding an eagle into admiral's pfp" - Eagle

"Admiral_Chessbeard was slain by EaglesStrike using [Cheesy/lame quoteantor]" - DuckbeardTheNotorious

"The ducks are currently assuming control of planet Admiral_Chessbeard. We are devising strategies to launch assaults from a vast clandestine subterranean community, with the ultimate objective of dominating the entire club universe." - DuckbeardTheNotorious

"Hey, I thought I was gonna take over the world D:" - Ray G. Scout

"Mwahahaha" - Don during vote chess

"Nothing is worth the risk" - Robloxian2-0 

"Never gonna give you up, chess" - Mistmastex

"Chess is a lot like life. You start out with a plan, and then everything falls apart. lol." - deafeyes0

"Chess chess 'till you're dead dead dead" - deafeyes0

"BRO I JIST GOT A SNICKERS ICED COFFEE" - ZekeTheLegend_1 or - ZzzLegendZzz

""The Cheesy quotes" got me dying lol" - Neyalia

"Life can be a hard mystery...You have to solve it." - Neyalia


"Lol. Admiral used my most famous quote, "WHY ARE YOU USNING MY PFP!" -  Scemer" - Scemer

"Admiral's Avatar has a voided sign with a Sussy Fox in the background, representing that the Sussy fox has been cancelled by its family. 💀" - Scemer

"Why does the fox look like it came from a burst electrical room? 💀" - Scemer

"Chat needs life support." - Scemer

"I eat ur corn" - Pigeon0706

"WE LOVE YOU SCEMER" - Admiral_ChessBeard

"another day, another Ray" - Pigeon2076

"*snatch a donut from Admiral’s pfp*" - Pigeon2076

"if you never play chess again people will cherish and flourish forever" - Pigeon2076

"i guess I lost my quote privileges" - Pigeon2076

"Physics are just theories, and theories are just things that happens very often. Say Admiral plays chess and accidentally spawned a unicorn fox. That’s possible, but a more likely thing is that Pigeon2076 dropped his iPad when he was on a plane… Or Admiral and Omar played in Tata Steel Chess Event and the game end in a forfeit due to both players likes stealing rooks off the board and an anvil smash the board to pieces. Even better, Admiral is secretly a real fox from future. Who knows? Physics is useless" - Pigeon2076

"We will always side with Admiral" -  Pigeon2076

"no Nutella for Omar" - Pigeon2076

"Rooks are just disposables" - Pigeon2076

"shut up admiral!!" - AstroTheoretical_Physics

"you thought you can copy lord turzo?!!1? shame on you kid!" - AstroTheoretical_Physics

"Love hurts more than it heals..." - AngelaPlayzChess

"Yeeeeeeeeeeee. Do a rainbow fox. OwO" - AngelaPlayzChess

"I want you to have a rainbow fox as your profile. :3" - AngelaPlayzChess

"omgggg your profile looks amazing" - AngelaPlayzChess

"You are the chosen one! You are meant to be famous. *Holy sounds* Ahhhh LOL" - AngelaPlayzChess

"Admiral is a girl and her name is ray" - turboboy0702




""Ray is the game" 😂" - Scemer

""Ray is the game" 💀💀💀" - turboboy0702



"Wait, what are you doing, don't post that! I'm too cool to be represented by this quote!" - alphaous

"Are you seriously still reading these quotes?" - Admiral_ChessBeard

"hmmm why is admiral admiral chessbeard. he doesnt even have a beard made of chess" - liytv


"HEY! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING! I’m the only bird in this game!!!!" - Duo

"Imagine getting stuck with worse than a duocorn!" -  Retrac1107

"the easter bunny is actually not real" - RwandaChessMaster

"there is only one type of admiral chess breeds, the legendary one, who unexpectedly did the rarest move of all, the genius" - RwandaChessMaster

"HappyTreeTrunkFriendsFan2076 has ranked you Person whos getting sued for using a foxy image + yassified in this website happy tree trunk friends. watch thems episodes man but don't blame me blame him" - RwandaChessMaster

"and this is the season when admiral is going to get sued for using a profile picture from a superhero tv series" - RwandaChessMaster in CNR notes

"Hey, don't spoil the movie before it's out!" - CNR owner

"admiral is literally a flashing pawn light. when he goes offline then its off. when he goes online then its on" - RwandaChessMaster

"Put this in your cheeky quotes ツ💀" - ParisLegend

"I thought you were Bob" - MaryLowe13

"'Twas the Admiral." - Select_Chicken

"Them: sees tons of activity in CNR. Also them: Oh yeah bois let's go advertise" - Johannian07

"They say busy men don't have all day to frolic around and write blogs." - Johannian07

"I went to my grandparent's place for dinner. While flipping around channels in the TV, I found out the lego movie was playing. I watched it up to the scene when cloud cuckoo land was about to be destroyed. But it was time for dinner, so I couldn't watch cloud cuckoo land get demolished, which made me depressed for some reason." - Admiral_ChessBeard

"Real" - Chicken_Select

"What did I expect? A walking fox. 😶" - BelugaYT

"Trolley cars are sometimes trolls too" - Xumi

"𝗶diot‎ hornet open January submissions" - JkCheeseChess

"everyone needs to be stripped of tb" - JkCheeseChess

"Admiral Chess Chat is the best!! XD" - QuickHamburger

"Admiral Chess Threat is the best" - OmarVahidov

"yep" - LogoCzar

"!!salute!! a tip of the hat" - HighPlains

"can u add me in ur bio?" - xX_Kyo_Xx

"The actual threat is your opponent, not the pieces" - RussianGod27

"When two Foxes meet 🔥" - Legendowski 

"Have fun foxy broski" - Legendowski

"oh theres 2 rays i forgor" -  RayRayTheRaygun

"I have no care for Rainbows, but no matter the horrors that torment my heart, it always has room for foxes. They are just the best." - ArchEmperorSolev

"Bruh, I assume you've never seen a mlp because they look nothing like my pfp smh XD" - 

"Jedi Fox, the dark side is stronger. I am (totally not) your father." - theeldest1

"yeeeessss I banished that 𝗶diot‎ in the volvo to the Skibidi realm." - Rickrolling4Jesus

"violence isnt the answer happy.png its the solution" -  imtrash51

"i tried to do that green box thing, but a mod yelled at me" - Simon302010

"if one wouldn't eat fresh watermelon with molten cheese, why would they eat pineapple with pizza?" - Colteyblack

"Coffee-shop managers keep asking me to talk less or leave, as people like feeling comfortable." - LogoCzar

"my black pfp means nothing, just thought it would be funny lol" - Ray G. Scout

"Your life is your story, go write it." - Quickhamburger

"Also, you should put on your bio that you're a Christian!" - Drummer_GD_Elijah

"" can I get added to your bio 😁" thank you" - MysticAzuriteMaverick


"Only girls say uwu" - AiryNiceRose

"Only girls say uwu? Well, I'm a guy. uwu uwu uwu uwu uwu uwu uwu uwu uwu uwu uwu uwu uwu uwu uwu uwu uwu uwu uwu uwu uwu uwu uwu" Admiral_ChessBeard

"Lol you guys are so awesome" - F-777

"Your opponent can't defeat you if you defeat yourself first." - Reliable Source Engine

Leaderboard for users who gifted me memberships

1. @Pigeon2076 | One Month of Premium Gold Membership

2. @BoardMonkey | One Month of Premium Diamond Membership

3. @2000KNIGHTS | Two Months of Premium Platinum Membership

4. @BoardMonkey | One Month of Premium Diamond Membership

Notable victory:

Awesome comeback:

Intense win:

I ain't afraid of no blunder!

Two consecutive brilliant moves:

My highest rated win(30sec HyperBullet)

Yes this win was because of a flag ._. (game link

My highest rated draw(what? my favorites don't have to all be wins):

also game link:

Probably my favorite game:

My rarest move:

That's all that I have for now.
Thank you for viewing my profile.
Feel free to add me as your friend, leave me a note, or send me a cheer.

When I'm not playing chess, I'm probably drawing this cat.