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I have been coaching chess in some capacity for over a decade, from players just starting out to players rated 2000 USCF, encompassing all ages. I try my best to work with students to find the method of learning that suits them best. I am invested in their development as a player and have been successful in helping students reach their individual chess goals.

My philosophy revolves around giving students the ability to critically think and find the right questions to ask in order to understand the position. The player that understands the position better, will be the one to win. 

Some of my chess accomplishments:

- USCF National and Life Master

- Memphis City Champion (8 times)

- 2020 Georgia State Champion (played online)

- Arkansas State Champion (2021 and 2019)

- Winner of Kentucky Masters Invitational (2023)

USCF Profile:

Teaching rate: $50/hr

If you have any questions about teaching methodology and/or scheduling, feel free to message me!