Those who know my real name, call me by my real name!

Try out my buddy meter quiz:

Please do join my club, the pokechess club; its got 420+ members and there are 10 titled players in the club. So, what are you waiting for? Join it! and here's the link:

Some of my best friends and special people on

@Zunayed_781038 : My best friend on
Also he likes saying 'hmm🤔 interesting' and 'hehe boi' and "sus" a lot 
@SamuelChess321 : A cool guy and he likes saying 'lol' a lot
@Dhar_rk : My only student and my  friend
@anonymus172017: The person who made my club live
@Pranesh120810:  The only person who participates in pretty much every single event of my club
@Love_Aiger : My best bestie and a very good person
@Taskmaster8659(now known as @X_Soul_reaperX ) : A good friend of mine
@Gingerbread-cookie : Definitely the kindest person on
@TurtleAlex : A very nice person and a high rated player so very good for players like me to  learn from him (he does teach a little bit)
@X_Mylee_X : My lil sis
@GMChessminator :  A very friendly person and a good friend and I call him as GM Alakazam😁 cuz he keeps teleporting from one club to another😂
@Dark_Emperor_666 : My good friend
@VAPOREON_OG : My best friend on
@Man_of-my-goals( now known as @Depressedguy2010 ) : A good friend 
@KNSR0207 : A good friend and the first member of my club and the person who taught me that grammar is important💀😂
@Space_Astrobot : A good person
I forgot to mention one thing: I'm a quote writer happy.png
Here are two of my G.O.A.TED quote:
" Nature teaches us a lesson: there are many varieties: each one is unique; one may have many colors or only one color but then each one has a color. So remember a person may have one talent or many talents but then in each person there is a talent"- @Agroluacrio35
"Life and chess are alike; we have to sometimes sacrifice few things to gain an advantage and win"-  @Agrolucario35
Wanna know more about me? well here's a song that will tell u more about me:

Fun fact about me: I hear English songs through Pokémon amvs first then I see the lyrics of that song if i like it