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Hello everyone! My name is Alsu. I am 24-year-old professional chess player from Saint Petersburg, Russia.

I started playing chess at the age of 7. I won the Volga Federal Regional competition three times in a row. I am a Woman Fide Master. My highest rating reached 2198. During my career, I have participated in many tournaments around the world.

I have five years of coaching experience, both via Zoom and in person. Despite my young age, I have a lot of meaningful experience. I have helped both younger and older players, newcomers, and experienced players alike.

During my Zoom lessons, I can help you to learn the basic chess skills, or to improve and perfect your games in case you are an experienced player. I can also provide you an in-depth analysis of the games you previously played, inspecting both good and bad sides, and the way you could improve. Furthermore, I can teach you the most appropriate openings you can choose according to your playing style. I will provide you constructive advice on how to ameliorate your tactical and positional play. Finally, you will learn the most important principles of chess endgames.

If you want to improve your chess knowledge, you can contact me here or at

my Telegram: @Alsuchess1865

my e-mail: