ᗯᕮᒪᑕOᗰᕮ TO ᗰY ᑭᖇOᖴIᒪᕮ!!!

My Nice Friends: (Send them a friend request if you want)

- @FuriousTiger123 (He's a good, lovely and caring friend. He always supports me, and he's a great player of chess.)

- @Indian_girl_2021 (my coote friend.. ily sistaaaaaaah <3)

- @A_Silent_Assassin (A nice bestieee that I've ever had)

- @A-ARUSH (He's a nice and good friend)

- @Amelia-103 (Anime lover and my nice bestie ^^)

- @ChristianA1972 (A Fide Master... and friendly ^-^)

- @RedCuteBallet 

- @Captain_Secret (A Friendly Captain)

- @Ragdoll_Kitten (A kind person... and good at rapid chess!!)

-@master_blaster_warrior (He's friendly and a good chess player happy.png)

- @ducpiano1 (UwU)

- @johnworldesen2200 

and many more... (just message me if I forgot you >.<)

NICE CLUBS: (I picked randomly)

The Dragon Chess Warriors - Chess Club -

ㄥㄖㄥ. - Chess Club -

Mysterious Detective - Chess Club -

Chess Club Batch 2022 - Chess Club -

U v U - Chess Club -

Mind Of Chess - Chess Club -

Message me if I forgot your club >.<

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