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Hi! Im Matías (ELO FIDE: 2218) I offer Online Chess Lessons in spanish and english. 

Im from Argentina, 31 years old. I run a chess academy in my country: ReyesyPeones. Certified as School Instructor by FIDE and Docente de Ajedrez by FEDA  i have 15 years teaching chess in schools, clubs and online. 

I played competitive chess all my youth, winning southamerican, national and local championships, and representing my country in panamericans and world championships abroad. 


After 15 years of teaching chess to a wide range of people from all ages and levels i came to the conclussion that progress in chess has three pilars: exercising, analyzing and playing. Thats the structure that i follow in the lessons: EAP, exercising, analyzing and playing. But you need to know that, in addittion to the structure, laid a more especific element: my lessons are always, always! personalized. The content and dynamic is determinated by your interest and objectives in relation to chess.

The lessons are dynamic and entertaining, always you will have to find solutions to different kind of situations. We work over a wide range of subjects that will increase your strength: theoretical endgames, positional play, dynamics, openings, pawns structures, planning, tactics, calculation, pattern recognition, etc. 
Besides we will work over more concrete and specially important topics, to name a few: intuition versus calculation, time administration, practic utility of artistic problems, making a good use of chess engines and databases, psychological aspects. 
I work with databases, model games, books, excercises of all kinds and training games. After every lesson i send homework about the theme we are studying.
I think that a plus of my lessons is that i keep permanent contact and follow up with my students, they can ask me or comment anything about chess outside the lesson time.

              PRICE AND PAYMENTS

Price per hour is 25 USD. There are hour packs for 4 and 6 hours with discount. The payments are made by PayPal (you dont need to have a PayPal account)

If you have any doubt, questions or want to book a lesson please let me know by message here in or contact me by mail or my webpages.

I invite you to learn chess together! 

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