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✅ Hi! My name is Matías Ianovsky. I am FIDE Trainer (FT) and Candidate Master (CM).  I am a full time professional chess coach. 

 I run an online chess academy called ReyesyPeones/ Kingpawn Academy.

🌎 I have students in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, England, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the United States.

👨‍🎓  Certified as FIDE Trainer (the highest trainer title delivered by the International Chess Federation), FIDE Candidate Master (CM), FIDE School Instructor (FSI) and Docente de Ajedrez by the Spain Chess Federation, I have been teaching chess for almost 20 years in schools, chess clubs and private lessons. My ELO FIDE is 2218.

        📈  My peak ratings online:
           Chess: Blitz 2718. Bullet: 2785 (Percentile 99.9%) (My secondary account)                                 Lichess: Blitz 2676. Bullet: 2766 (Percentile 99.9%) (User name: "BreatEastonEllis")

          Top 40 Players Chess 960 Lichess

         I hold degrees in Political Science (Summa Cum Laude) from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and Journalism

🏆 I dedicated my youth to playing professional chess, achieving success by winning championships at the South American, National, and Local levels. Additionally, I had the honor of representing my country in Pan-American and World Youth Chess Championships held abroad.


✅  After 20 years of teaching chess to a wide range of people from all ages and levels, I've distilled the essence of chess progress into three fundamental pillars: Train, Analyze, and Play. This forms the backbone of my lessons: TAP, Train, Analyze and Play. Yet, beyond this structured framework, there is a more specific element: my classes are always, always! Personalized. The content, pace, methods and training material is adapted to your skills and goals in relation to chess.

The lessons are challenging and entertaining, you will have to find creative solutions to different scenarios. Depending on your level and aims we will work over a vast array of subjects : Calculation, Tactics, Theoretical endgames, Positional play, Dynamics, Openings, Pawns structures, Planning, Blindfold training, Visualization, Swindles, Pattern recognition, among others.

Besides we are going to address more specific topics, to name a few: intuition versus calculation, time administration, building an opening repertoire, practical utility of artistic problems, making a good use of chess engines and databases, psychological aspects of the decision making process.
After every lesson I send homework about the content we are studying (Puzzles, Games, Videos, Books, Databases, among others)

I think that a plus of my classes is that I keep permanent contact with my students, they can ask me or comment anything about chess outside the lesson time.
My main goal as a coach is not only to help my students to improve their level but also to make them have a good time. The lesson must be full of content, entertaining and challenging at the same time. For me that is an imperative.

✍ Legit reviews of my lessons posted on Lichess before they erased reviews from all coach

You can find more reviews on my Superprof profile. 

                                                               FREE TEST LESSON

❗❗ You can try a first 30 min lesson free of charge!

In that lesson, through a series of selected puzzles, I will test your skills and thinking process in concrete positions. Then, if you like the content and dynamic, we can build a training plan and start working on it on a regular basis.


💲 Price per hour is 30 USD. There are 4 hour packages with discount. The payments are made by PayPal (you don´t need to have a PayPal account) or Skrill (you do need to have an account on Skrill)

If you have any question or want to book a lesson please send a DM here on or contact by email (

I invite you to learn chess together! 


                                                                   CONTACT INFO

                                                   DM here on

                                                 📩 Email: (Yes, with one 's')