Zlatni član

Welcome to my profile! (Yes, I finally got rid of that annoying blue background!)

Here is my favorite image that only a few people will get the meaning of, and bad variant creators always hate to see:

To start off, I'm a CGA (Custom Games Admin) on the server, which means that I vote on positions submitted on the Variant Submission website so that they can either be declined or accepted to be listed on the server. Discussion also happens in the official Custom Variants club, which is moderated by myself along with other CGAs and NCV testers enlisted by If you have any questions regarding this topic, feel free to DM me!

In my free time (yep, CGAs aren't lifeless, unlike Reddit mods), I play 4 Player Chess and speed standard chess. I've been #1 in the past in the Hyperbullet, Bullet, and Blitz Free-For-All (1v1v1v1) leaderboard of 4 Player Chess, and I also play other variants such as Spell Chess on the side, alongside the 100+ variants on the server. On my peak in standard bullet is 2319 and on it's 2422.

In addition, I cover some recent events and controversy in regard to variants on my blog and my small YouTube channel, linked below.

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