I am a professional chess teacher and coach, teaching classes in ten public schools as well as privately. I currently have around 370 students.I also write a weekly column for Grandmaster Nigel Davies website, "The Chess Improver as well as for "The Patterson Chess Academy." I run a program for at-risk teenagers, using chess to help them change their lives. I am the guitarist and singer for the legendary ska/punk/reggae band The Offs as well as the punk rock band No Alternative. I also play under the name, Jah Johnny Patterson, doing old Dub/Dance Hall/Reggae. Music has been very good to me. I also have a novel currently being edited. Chapters can be found at: Personality wise I am like Dr. Gregory House (I swear they modeled his character after me). I'm a know it all who writes for a number of publications. I love my wife, dog and cat. I am in the recording studio most of my work week working on the new Offs CD and I need a way to stimulate my brain. This is where chess comes in. I play for at least three hours a day in addition to my teaching schedule. I love the game and all of it's complexities. There is no other game that comes close to chess. If I had the time I would play even more. I am an aggressive player. I live for chaos on the board!