Hello, I am Juansebastian_2011, I like chess very much, it is a game for intelligent people according to me, how many moves, possibilities, and many other things in just one game, without doubt the best game, it is an art, I go every day going up and down in score, but I do not care, chess is for fun, my dream in chess is to become GM something very difficult but I think I will get it someday, I learn slowly but surely and as Dr. S. Tarrasch said. S. Tarrasch said that Mistrust is the most necessary characteristic of a Chess player. Prizes of presential tournaments-Chile: Diente de leche- 4th place Diente de leche- 3rd place -Viva Chile- Every day you learn something new. Juansebastian_2011 

Url of my Channel in youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7h_Qo7I06MbI6y_qXK2Dog