My name is Lilyana Hi.. idk why your here but hello. happy.png I am 18 years old and I love playing chess with friends even if I lose its very fun. I am a Vetenarian taking a break from Animating I have a huge passion for animals and I enjoy working with them. My favorite type of music is music that has a message in it and is able to pump you up to be the best of your ability for example (Legends Never Die) (Unstoppable) (Champion) and blah blah blah yeah :> it's all good music.... Some cool clubs to join

-Lily's and Ellies Cutely Horrifying Studios 

- Bubbles Of Chess

- Paladins of Chess

- Cams Hangout 

- Titans Chess United 

- Kea's Diner

- Emerald Estate



The members in them always make my day and I bet they will with you too

  • I love all my friends as they always make my day starting with

  • @BestBubble7: Ellie is a wonderful friend to me and I still love her a lot and will always be there for her no matter what. ❤️ just wish we talked more 🥰. Ellie owns a wonderful club called Bubbles Of Chess. It has awsome members and a wonderful owner that I am all very proud of. Ellie is a unique individual and is more of a tough cookie to get through rather than being soaked in milk.. she is kind, forgiving, and understanding for mostly all occasions It impresses me. Keep up the good work and makes my day countless times <3
  • @SageSamy.. The biggest nub of all time. Get better fr skull emoji

@AngelaPlayzChess... A very good club owner always understanding and a wonderful friend of mine. Ty for being a great friend <3

@Jared... he is here because yes and he is a great friend of mine 

@Love-Lilys... Lydies 🥰🥰🥰🥰 grandmaster lydies is one of my besties and she is a wonderful friend <3

  • @CallMeLyric: Very trustworthy and will always have my respect.

  • @luv_desii my cami wami aka my second bestie I love her so much. Cami is a interesting one. She gets mad very easily and very interested into arguments. She is very loving, understanding and one of the people that made me laugh sometimes ❤️❤️❤️

  • @Scemer: He's a cat.. he is nice.. he my friend.. me happy...

@X_Mylee_X ... She is my Mama and a very kind, (in her own words) annoying and sweet person to talk to, just don't disrespect her in any way possible, the punishment is brutal 🥲

  • @MyOneAndOnlyGrace ... He's a good friend but can be very sus. He is active a lot on so if you a friend send him a message.. there you happy?

@Alex141141... My Twin!!! LOVES YOU LOTS 💗 💓 💖 💛 💕 ♥️ 💗 

@Kayden_Potter... You are a wonderful friend and you doubt yourself too much. Stay positive!

  • 💀 @Sleepydedpepe ... One of my greatest friends he is always there for me and I love him alot 🥰... we like to play truth or dare a lot and have silly little convos also we are always there for each other. We are also matching profile pictures sometimes which is very fun. Pepe has made me feel better about things countless times and I love him alot ❤️❤️❤️

  • @Freindsru ... One of my besties shes so kind and I love her so much <3 we play chess often and she is a very fast learner. She is very funny, caring and loving and I love her a lot. Some of my other friends don't think the same but I don't like to choose sides but Sru is just My srusos 🥰🥰🥰

@izabellaharris ... She always tries to make me feel better when I feel down she has such a kind heart and it gives me faith in humanity ♥️  I love her so much 

@Maths111111 ... One of my best friends. one of the nicest people I have ever met

@Vortex-i ... He is a good friend that I recently started talking to add him he's a very funny guy

@Itzz_elii ... She is a very kind person, very fun opponent to play against *Ahem* robbed 40 elo of mine and also very funny I recommend her on your friends list oh and btw... 0-0 checkmate nerd

@Silvia_Sweetie ... A great friend and a wonderful owner of a club called Rose Blossum. Consider joining! She is also a very lovely person so consider friending her too <333

@DrippedOutForever .. me dad, a very kind friend also do friend him, he also likes to call me his little princess 

My best game right above. I was so nervous the entire game but ended in a draw

If you are not here it's not cuz we're not friends it's cuz im lazy and will add you another day.

More things about me. I'm a cancer survivor I am a veterinarian. I like to animate and I'm a very forgiving person meaning no matter how badly you mess up if you just say sorry for what you did I have a high chance of forgiving you. Feel free to talk to me ill try to get back to you lol but until then bah bye