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Hello all! I am Walker Griggs, a national master now based in Los Angeles. I am an attacking player. I love blitz, especially OTB, and I specialize broadly in opening theory, especially related to my beloved King's Indian. Throughout my chess career, I have won many major tournaments throughout the Midwest, including twice the Ohio Championship, and the Ohio Blitz Championship. I have many high Elo scalps as well, beating players such as GM Anatoly Lein and IM Angelo Young, and scoring dozens of draws against grandmasters, including against U.S. Championship sensation Yaroslav Zherebukh at the U.S. Open.

I have been a chess coach for over ten years. For the first three, I worked through an organization specializing in youth coaching called Columbus Chess Lessons (CCL). Check out their webpage here: https://cclchess.com/

I recommend their services to anyone with young kids who are interested in chess. While working through CCL, I instructed students ages 7-16 OTB, creating engaging curricula with the help of "wisdom rewards": treats like chocolate chip cookies and Mikhail Tal games. 

After I matriculated at Oberlin College, I was no longer able to give OTB lessons except to a handful of students and faculty at Oberlin, but began giving online lessons. 

Many of my students have made substantial rating gains and have reported satisfaction with my coaching, including national master Vincent Baker and his sister, Victoria.