I have good frends @TheCrystalRoseKnight @Rose-chan @ShadowWhick @hughienews @madara_uchiha118 is one of my really good frends One of my really good bestie is @ChristenLovesCuddles my best frend is @AmProAlwaysPro My bestie is @BatmanArkhamsDarkKnight My other besty is @RAFAELO_o @CristenChess2012 The friend I have thats named @SnakeDiamondback he has been there for me when some of my friends aren't online he is one of them that had been there for me when I needed him. He never have up on me. The same goes for @BatmanArkhamsDarkKnight he also been there for me when I needed him also. My other friends that I put on here made me feel good about myself, all my friends thanks for never giving up on me. Don't mess with @AmProAlwaysPro he is my best frend so don't mess with him he is nice