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Hello my name is Ben i am around 600/700 player goal for next year is 1030. I play chess a lot i played 30 days straight. There are 3 reasons why your viewing my profile 

1. i smoked u in blitz😏and your checking my accuracy to make sure i wasn't cheating  

2. your wondering who i am and pressed my profile 

3. your blocking me bc i royal forked you.

i have read other bios and they include like foods they like or there fav movie or something but i dont really feel like doing that and ngl sounds a little cringe.

now you prob left bc your bored 

 here is the only person to be jealous of my epic username 

Here are some people i know in irl 





My fav friends 

@Johannian07  one of the best SA's i have ever had

@sushiracer i play blitz with him a lot always posting forums and keeping clubs active 

@Jedy1 i play rapid and blitz with him he's in my class and comes over to my house to play chess with me. 

@struChess: fun to play with he is catching up to my rapid rating i better start studying or he is going to pass me,

@Admiral_ChessBeard: always positive keeps clubs active no matter how dead they get, he is also amazing at drawing and makes most of his pfp's. Great club leader!

um i guess here r some facts about me this sounds cringe alr 

i am 13

i play  chess 

i played 1000 games my first month   

i have played a GM in irl (Will Sedlar)     ok i got it over with.

ok i might add more stuff to my bio later cya 

99.9% percent of you will not post  this when Jesus died on the cross he was thinking of you if you are the 1% that cares put this on your profile. 

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Here is my game against NM doublesik