Hi there!

Chess is a game of life .....

I enjoy playing chess and its variants on chess.com.

Some of my goals are to reach an 1100 rating in Rapid and 1700 in variants.

Below is my first game with two brilliant moves!

Coordinator: Hydrangea, The Chess Grinders, The Chess Special Forces, The Club of Friendship, Snail Squad, Chess is Fun Club, Shining Smiles, Duck Patzers, ChessGutzers, Good Chess

Admin: Gunners, Friends Uniting Against Mental Illness Chess Club, Chaturaji Players, The Club of Brilliant Moves and Tactics, Project Hybrid 2, Solar System Club, The Chess Sporties

Super Admin: The Rise of the Phoenix Club, Shadow Wolf, Super Chess Masters, The Black Knight Empire, The Club of Fantasy, Ninjago Chess Academy, United State League

If you could join the clubs I mentioned above and below I would appreciate it!

Club Banners:

New Section With Friends : ) Describe Chess!! (Credits to @DIMA-48 for the idea : ) ) You can also PM me your answer!

@YChessTV: PvP Game, fight head to head, attack, smash, sacrifice

@elenizym20: for me, chess is a way of life, a passion, it's a life lesson, a battle, sacrifice, a spirit, a strategic, loyal, honor, logic but whatever happens, I know that it's a game where there is a rematch

@StrangPawnRobert: Chess is all about fun playing with others having to play offense or defensive against the person it’s not about the winning it’s about the fun in it 

@hydrualix: it is a way to elucidate how two empires have to cogitate strategically, trying to ajar one or the other's defenses in a way of confining them with proficiency. It is a way to show you how two empires on the battlefield have to think of a way to break one another with the knowledge they have succeeded to learn over time.

That's all please if you could have a moment and join these clubs mentioned above it would be a great help!

Hope you have a nice day!