Dijamantski član

Saved for eternity by my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who took my punishment on the cross.

Personal information:

Age ==> 14

Name ==> Ethan Harrison 


Favourite colour ==> Blue

Favourite animal ==> African leopard 

Favourite food ==> Dessert 


Mostly on, PsychadelicKarate there. I have the coolest name on ChessKid! Bestowed by FunMasterMike (FM Mike Klein) himself! ChessKid rating is around 2000-2020.

THREE-time ChessKid All-Star Finalist.

Current chess goals by the end of 2024:

==> 2050 USCF.  

==>1200 FIDE.

==>Become the first ever three-time ChessKid All-Star Finalist.------------------------------------(Completed)

==>2300 in rapid, blitz and bullet on

==>1900 in daily chess on

==>2000 on

==>3500 in puzzles on or

==>Beat a Grand Master (GM) in any time control. ------------------------------------------------(Completed)


Number of games I've won against titled players: 87.

I've won twenty-six games against NMs in bullet and won twelve games against WFMs in bullet, I've beaten four WGMs in bullet, twenty-three FMs in bullet, four IMs in bullet, nine CMs in bullet, and two WCMs in bullet, two GMs in bullet and three WCMs in bullet.

I've beaten two CMs in blitz and one NM in blitz and one WCM in blitz.


Hall of Fame:

That time I beat GM Aman Hambleton (@KNVB) in hyper bullet. 


List of Friends: (I saw everybody else doing this and thought I'd make one lol)

@redloudcar (my cousin and an awesome dude), @FullCrowdedBadger (a good friend and fellow Green Ember enthusiast), @Admiral_ChessBeard (the person who pushed me into social clubs and the Greatest Fox Of All Time), @thepremover15 (Baseball fan and another good buddy)... * WILL UPDATE MORE SOON*


List of my favourite openings, from S-Tier to F-Tier:

S-Tier: Colle System, Zuckertort System, BONGCLOUD HAHA LOL, 

A-Tier: Scandinavian Defense, Reti, English, 

B-Tier: London, Nimzo-Larsen, 

C-Tier: Vienna Gambit, Queen's Gambit


E-Tier: Bird, King's Gambit, Hippo, Cow, 

F-Tier: Botez Gambit,