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Lichess username is uptophigh

FIDE ID 150267398 Rating 1451

NCS ID N05849421 Rating 1304
When I was 2 years old, my Dad taught me how to play chess. At 5 years old, I knew the Guicco Piano opening and Petroffs defense.  I played first board in High School starting in 9th grade. My chess teams always went to the State Championships finishing in the top 10.

My Dad loved historical chess sets. Our chess family played on Florentine (11th century) and Renaisance (15th century) chess sets growing up. My Dad played his friends on a King Arthur (6th century) chess set. He took me to a museum where I saw an Egyptian chess set from 2 BC.
I admire the Grand Cigar Divan Simpsons in the Stand chess pieces used by Howard Staunton and French Regency chess pieces used by Saint-Amant in the first world championship in 1843. I also like the Isle of Lewis chess pieces from the 12th century and the Afrasiab chess pieces from the 7th century.

Other beautiful chess sets I like are:

1. 1960 ANRI Toriart Mediolanum chess set 

2. 1960 ANRI Toriart Montsalvat chess set

3. 1960 ANRI Toriart Charlemagne chess set