Dijamantski član

Hi there! I work as a model in Southern California and I study astrophysics at UCLA. 😛💖 Please feel free to add me as a friend here and follow me on Facebook and Instagram @WillowMmodel 😁

Everyone is welcome to join my Chess.com club as well! I’m still growing the membership base, but we’ve started to do some challenges against other clubs. I’m looking forward to doing more with my club soon. 😎


PS: as of 9/10/2021, I have had 33 of my 40 losses in my daily chess games due to accidental timeouts, 28 of which were from bugs in the chess.com system. I’ve contacted support three times about it and have yet to receive a reply. Anybody else have issues with this and were you able to get it resolved? 😵😱☠️