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What is Chess960?

Chess960 (also called FischerRandom) is just like regular chess... except that the starting position is shuffled to include 960 different possible positions! So you can throw out your opening book, but keep your opening principles. You play the same, but you just have different placement of pieces on the starting row.


The only change in rules is that castling is funky - when you castle, the king/rook end up in the same position as when they castle in regular chess (king on g-file and rook on f-file for kingside, king on c-file and rook on d-file for queenside).


The 960 comes from the number of different possible starting positions where there is a rook on each side of the king and where there are bishops of opposite color.


To start a 960 game, go here: and under Advanced Options choose Type: Chess960. Or, find a game here:  ->


(For more info, read here: )


  • 9 years ago · Quote · #1


    wow please I want to play with this one...
  • 9 years ago · Quote · #2


    it would be interresting to have a tournament with the top players in the world as opening preparation would not come in to play, and the emphasis would be on creativity , so the highest rated (normal chess) player might not necessarily still be best.
  • 9 years ago · Quote · #3


    why isnt chess that fun?....JK!
  • 8 years ago · Quote · #4


    Thanks for stealing wikipedia's/answer's article...
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    This article is very interesting.With chess960, Fischer has improved the chess style.However, only the positions including the king between the the rooks are considered.Thus the 960 positions with the rooks at the left or the 960 positions with the rooks at the right of the king are excluded .Thinking about this,I proposed a variant of chess960 named "chess960x3" because there are 960x3 positions (2880).The king can castle  with the same rook at the a-side or athe h-side .The details can be found in the site"

  • 7 years ago · Quote · #6


    Chess960 Tournament1st Chess 960 TOURNAMENT

    This new feature has come to!

    You can join the first tournament! :)

  • 7 years ago · Quote · #7


    I think more enterested ,is this 1st Tournament have also 3 categories in rating?

  • 7 years ago · Quote · #8


    I wish Chess960 was availiable in a live version. I can't play correspondence over the summer-my Internet access is irregular as I'm always on the move. I'd need like...30-day time controls.

  • 7 years ago · Quote · #9


    Yes  me willing to play this,but like other knows playing chess  refuse no,  they said i want to play if familliar to me 1st before joining tournament.This need more poblicity to all chess playersYell let shout to 4 side of the World !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 7 years ago · Quote · #10


    Nafi19 try to play just for fun not rated

  • 7 years ago · Quote · #11


    I propose to that all player have one match game

    3days mx moves for poblicity equal pointsfor the winner,

    even high rating vs low rating

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    "Castling is funky" is not the only change; additionally the 2 bishops must be on opposite colors.

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  • 7 years ago · Quote · #14


    960 is great way to improve please give it a look

    if 960 was available I probably would become a premium member

  • 7 years ago · Quote · #15


    It's great to be playing in this tournament.  I hope to enjoy. Looks strange though!!

  • 6 years ago · Quote · #16


    how does it work?

  • 5 years ago · Quote · #17


    It seems difficult!

  • 5 years ago · Quote · #18



  • 5 years ago · Quote · #19


    unique and exciting type of to play

  • 5 years ago · Quote · #20


    thank you for

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