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10 - Player Move Speed

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    An advanced option.


    This player statistic, Time/move average, is an indicator of how fast a player responds to an opponent's move. The time starts to be counted once it is the player's turn.

    There is no guarantee registrants will continue playing at the same pace during the tournament as they did before. It is more reliable if players have completed many games. Some are extremely motivated when they first discover the site and slow down later.

    The minimum number of games completed setting in a tournament can be anywhere from 0 to 255.

    Time/move average is especially unreliable in official Chess.com Quick Knockouts. The minimum games played setting is five for basic members and zero for premium members.


    Some people think if a Player Move Speed is set at 3 hours/move they have to make a move every three hours. This is a restriction on registrants and has no meaning after registration.


    Strong personal preference: Use any of the three available limits. 3 hrs/move, 6 hrs/move or 12 hrs/move

     Exception: When the tournament is created with a "Slowest Ever" theme.


    Official tournaments

    Although a player with zero rated games can enter an official tournament the time/per move average must be established with at least one move. A single move in an in an unrated game is enough.

    Post # 11 - http://www.chess.com/forum/view/tournaments/chesscom-quick-knockouts-ratings



    Note: The site provides general tournament information here: http://www.chess.com/tournaments/help.html  and  here http://support.chess.com/


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