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1859:Morphy vs Thompson

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    A queen sacrifice and checkmate!

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    Cool !!!

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    awesome tactic by Morphy!

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    That is the proper Giuocco Piano....

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    A wonderful game.

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    Excellent game.

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    He was indeed the greatest!

    On the subject of Paul Morphy, please see my biographical novel about Morphy's life at http://www.mattfullerty.com and http://theprideandthesorrow.blogspot.com

    The Pride and the Sorrow: Press Release

    Paul Morphy's story is a rites of passage tale about a boy who becomes famous by playing chess. It is also a cautionary tale about New Orleans, family pride and a mind who cannot cope with the real world...The Pride and the Sorrow is a cross between Josh Waitzkin's Searching for Bobby Fischer (about a chess prodigy) and Vladimir Nabokov's The Luzhin Defense (about chess causing madness). Paul resists gambling and dueling and despite Morphy family rivalries he takes on the Europeans at their own game. But the red-light district and temptations on the other side of New Orleans are never far away...

    The Pride and the Sorrow, the Paul Morphy story

    The Pride and the Sorrow: Book Review, June 2008

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    Thank you for reading!


    My page specifically about Paul Morphy and Bobby Fischer is here http://mattfullerty.com/chess_paulmorphy_neworleans_bobbyfischer.aspx

    Also, you can read more about Paul Morphy at http://www.paulmorphychess.com


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