3-round, 3-week G/60+5 Swiss on chess.com: June 25, July 2, July 9

This Thursday marks the start of our SECOND online multi-night Swiss-system tournament with a longer time control (G/60;+5 = initial time of 60 minutes plus a 5 second increment for each move).  This will be a three-round tournament (1 game each Thursday 7:00 pm, for 3 Thursdays in a row: June 25, July 2, July 9), in TWO SECTIONS.
Remember, chess.com doesn't have the ability to auto-run a multi-week event, so I will step in as the Tournament Director, pairing each round (just like the old days at the club!).
Please indicate your interest in playing to this FORUM post , remembering to provide your First Name, Last Name, EMAIL address, chess.com username, and US Chess rating.
You must do this prior to 5:30 PM CDT on Thursday, May 28 (which is when I will do the pairings).  If you don’t sign up before the pairings are completed you can always start in round two. There is no entry fee and this will not be USCF rated (it will affect your rating on chess.com).
We need this information in order to do the pairings. 
Everyone will be paired according to their USCF rating, but the tournament is not USCF rated.
One-half point Byes are available in any round. If you would like a Bye, please notify us before the published cutoff date & time. (5:30 PM Thursdays).

I will play.  Robin Grochowski; wi.rr.com;">rgrochowski@wi.rr.com; RobinChess69; USCF around 1700.


ill play

Andrew Rivedal, andrew.rivedal@gmail.com, arivedal. 1634 uscf


So far, we have three players for tonight:

No. Name St Rate
1 Becker, Allen J WI 2044
2 Grochowski,Robin WI 1698
3 Rivedal,Andrew WI 1634


Gauri Menon



USCF 1960


I will play. James Coons




PS, we now have 5 pre-registered. 

A reminder for tonight.  Once I publish the pairings at 6:00 pm,

Let me repeat that: We have no ability to create the individual game challenges on chess.com for you. 
Therefore, whoever has White must create the challenge against their opponent. 
Instructions for doing so are here.
Everyone should try to be online by 7:00 PM and ready to play! Please try to start your games as close to 7 as possible.  Let’s all remember to please be patient; we’ll all get better at this.
If you have any questions feel free to call/text Allen Becker at: 414-807-0269

I'll play. Bj Ross 1490 rosswilj@yahoo.com


I will Play, Shaunak, Bhattacharyya, shaunakb2003@gmail.com, chessbhatt03 , 1883

Also, Rishav, Bhattacharyya, pokebhatt07@gmail.com, pikachuli , 1888


So Far (as of 4:45 pm):

No. Name St Rate
1 Becker, Allen J WI 2044
2 Menon,Gauri WI 1960
3 Bhattacharyya,Rishav WI 1888
4 Bhattacharyya,Shaunak WI 1883
5 Coons, James Jay WI 1708
6 Grochowski,Robin WI 1698
7 Rivedal,Andrew WI 1634
8 Ross, BJ WI 1492



Count me in.  Wildzebra13  (Tom Fogec CA  1660) tfogec@gmail.com


Since we have only 9 players, I think we'll just have 1 Section.  Pairings very soon.


I will play, Aditya Pillai, aditya1awesome@gmail.com, 1926


Here are the pairings.  Remember, WHITE challenges BLACK.  The CHALLENGE instructions are here.

BJ Ross has a BYE, but if anyone signs up by 7:00 pm, I can pair them with BJ, so stay tuned.

Board     White                                      Black

1. ___ Becker, Allen J (0.0,2044) ___ Coons, James Jay (0.0,1708)

2. ___ Grochowski,Robin (0.0,1698) ___ Menon,Gauri (0.0,1960)

3. ___ Bhattacharyya,Rishav (0.0,1888) ___ Fogec,Thomas G (0.0,1660)

4. ___ Rivedal,Andrew (0.0,1634) ___ Bhattacharyya,Shaunak (0.0,1883)

Ross, BJ (0.0,1492) Please Wait



Pairing  addendum (no change to any boards):

5. ___ Ross, BJ (0.0,1492) ___ Pillai,Aditya M (0.0,1926)


Sorry, but I need a bye tonight.  I injured my knee biking and am in a lot of pain.  It will be too difficult to play tonight.


OK..sorry to hear to hear, Robin.  


So are the pairings still the same then?



Are we re- paring due to the withdrawal?