[4PC Variant]: AntiChess


This topic is dedicated to AntiChess variant of 4 Player Chess.

4PC AntiChess Rules:

Short version of the rules:

The object of AntiChess game is to lose all your pieces (or as many as you can) or get stalemated. There are no checks or checkmates. If you can capture you must capture.

Full version of the rules:

1. Capturing live (colored) pieces is compulsory. If you can capture you must capture.

2. Capturing dead (grey) pieces is not compulsory.

3. When more than one capture is available, the player may choose which piece/pawn to capture.

4. There are no checks, no checkmates. The king is a usual piece. (Kings are not royal.) You can leave your king under check. If you lose your king you continue playing.

5. Stalemate is a win for stalemated player.

6. Pawns can be promoted to any piece, including king.

7. In Teams: If a player lost all his pieces (or got stalemated), his team wins immediately.

8. In Free-For-All players earn 3 points (used to be 1 point in a test variant) for every piece (or pawn) they lose. Player(s) with most points win.

9. In FFA players get bonus points if they lose all pieces (or get stalemated). The 1st stalemated player gets +600, 2nd +400, 3rd +200.

10. The object of the FFA version is to have more points than opponents by the end of the game. That means: lose all your pieces faster than other players.

11. If a player resigns (times out, disconnects) in FFA, other live players get +133.


Compatibility with other variants:

AntiChess may be combined with many other variants, for example: Chess 960, King Of The Hill, Dead Walls.

But it is not possible to mix AntiChess with N-check (because there are no checks in AntiChess) or Capture The King (because kings are usual pieces in AntiChess, anyone can lose their king and continue playing).





There is a witty and very interesting variant of checkers (draughts) called Giveaway Checkers or Reverse Checkers. The object of this game is to give up all your checkers (men) or have them all blocked ("stalemated"). To win you should lose happy.png. When I was young I enjoyed Giveaway Checkers a lot. Later I found that there are similar variants of chess: AntiChess, Losing Chess, Giveaway Chess, Suicide Chess, Killer Chess, Must-Kill, Take-All Chess, Capture Chess, Losums, etc. It is fun to play them. So, I decided to adapt the rules for 4 Player Chess.

I tried around 12 variations of AntiChess. A distinctive rule of all Antichess/Giveaway chess variants is: Capturing is compulsory.

Other rules differs. For example, a checkmate may be a win or loss for the checkmated player. A stalemate can be a win, a loss or even "stalemated player should pass his turn". In some variants there are no checks and checkmates at all.

As a result of the investigation and multiple tests, I decided to implement 2 AntiChess variants in 4PC. (Right now only 1 of them is implemented.) We'll use AntiChess as a name of the 1st variant, and will call the 2nd variant Royal AntiChess to distinguish them.


good one



This is just "Take me" chess, except it is four player.


Above I mention that this game has many names and variants: "AntiChess, Losing Chess, Giveaway Chess, Suicide Chess, Killer Chess, Must-Kill, Take-All Chess, Capture Chess, Losums, etc."

"etc." may include Take Me Chess . Do you mind sharing a link to Take Me Chess rules? Did you play Take Me Chess? If yes, what are its pros and cons?


thank you for sharing my idea grin.png can you also add it regularly other than 4 chess?


@GiveMeAHamburger, if you want AntiChess to be added as a 2 player game to , you should show team that many other players want it to be implemented.

1. Create a topic about 2 player Antichess in appropriate forum/club (not in 4 Player Chess Club).

2. Describe the rules you want to be implemented.

3. Encourage other players to vote for this idea.

4. Send a request to team using "Help - Make a Suggestion" menu when your forum thread collects many votes.

When you select/describe the rules, test them on a board, not just in your mind. For example there are variants:



@NelsonMoore, right now there are 20 players online on our test server 12 of them play. It is more active when players from Western hemisphere are online.

> I guess it plays on until a player has all their pieces captured and then points determine 2nd, 3rd, 4th.

Yes, this is how it is now in FFA AntiChess. The 1st eliminated player can get up to 76 points: 16 for pieces +60 as a bonus (if it is a standard game, not some custom starting position, of course), the 2nd one can get up to 56 points (16+50). The 3rd player up to 36 points.


Found a test game where Blue made a smart move (blue arrow) to secure the 1st place:


As I can see, that was the only move giving Blue 100% guarantee of the 1st place. Green must capture blue rook.

If Blue makes some other move (to n10 or b5, for example) Green can become the 1st.

In AntiChess your main competitor is the guy with less pieces, especially if their pieces are active (like green rook at this screenshot).


A pawn can be promoted to a king in AntiChess now.


I played a game with this mode and it was so damn confusing! Then, it wouldn't let me make any move so I resigned.


@RedLightning27, yes, it may be confusing when you play it the first time. But then it is fun. Currently AntiChess is one of the most popular variants.

I found that your game. Before you resigned, other players suggested you to capture blue knight with your rook. That was the only legal move in that position. If you play Antichess and don't know what move can you make, try to drag your pieces a little (or Shift+click them) one by one. The legal moves indicators will show you what capture(s) you can make now.

From that game:

If you hold (or Shift+click) that rook it shows a grey circle around the knight.


can we play antichess on 2player chess?


2 player AntiChess is in ToDo list. In the meantime you can create a Custom Starting Position in 4 Player Chess where green + blue are separated from red and yellow by a wall.


yes that is called AntiWall which is pretty fun


If a player resigns (times out, disconnects) other live players get +13.


Royal Antichess is basically Antichess with castling, checks, and checkmates, right


Because the king is as royal as it is in regular chess, perhaps?


Yes, we'll recover Royal Antichess some day.


Now getting stalemated is +600 points. What happened there? Is that a bug or an update?


It prevent lose when you get KoTH