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A real improving idea

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    Heres a idea I got from another group I would like to try here. I was wondering if everyone in the group could post at least on game (there own game) every 2 weeks to be reviewed. This keeps the group active and strong and will attract more and stronger people which means better analysis. For each game you summit you must give your own notations of the positions. So what do you guys think ?

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    Excellent idea I think. You can start with one of yours. This will improve self-reflection and hopefully we can all get new ideas from each other.

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    ok  Also it's better if we try not to show miniatures.Smile Give me a day and I'll have a nice game.

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    Heres a theametic game I played against a little chess program of mine rated Uscf 1582. Its a nice example of a character error when you dont play a move in the spirit of the position.

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    OK your turn everyone just try this method out unless your just a player who just plays for fun and has no intrest in getting better.Smile

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    This is a great idea! Just give me another week to get a game (I tend to play some family members over christmas).

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    No problem rember at keast 2 weeks I'll help anyone with there analysis here and hopefully someone higher rated can help me with my games.Smile

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    Hi Chessmaster102,

    Nice game with annotations and great idea. Submitting played games as you did is great fun for others to look over and a really good learning tool for the player as you review the game and annotate it!

    I will submit my last good game as well.

    Thank you!!!

  • #9

    No problem If everyone sticks to this plan good or bad games we will all get better In fact I garantee it and heres another Idea to add. Once a week we will play guess the move exercises  not of master's but  amuter game's of people in this group.

    I will post my latest game sometime tommorrow. LETS KEEP THIS UP GUYS.


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