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An important, unanswered question:

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    Is there any connection between chess and pi?

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    I'm sure there's one out there somewhere, but mathematicans and chess enthusiasts have just yet to discover it!

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    As much as I want to believe there is one, I don't.. Except that the pieces usually have circular "feet"... 

    But I suppose it depends how you define your connection, cuz you would properly be able to find some farfetched border-line conspiration theroy-like connection...

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    1. Use it in the manufacturing of the chess pieces, for the parts that have a circumference.
    2. Give out a pi as a reward to winnder of a game of chess.
    3. Whereas Pi is an irrational number, Chess has number of irrational players.
    4. I am reminded of the 'knights of the round table'.
    5. If as curved space-time suggests, Euclid's 5th theorum (or was that postulate?) was not necessarily correct, and so all apparently straigt lines are actually curved, and so you could picture a square board as part of a curved surface on a sperically shaped object that requires the use of pi to describe.
    6. The both appear in the previous posts: so the words 'pi' and 'chess' are actually both present in the same posts and threads.
    7. I am full of it, and 'it' is has a circumference describable and calculatable by the use of pi as well based on the anatomical structure it is formed in.

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