bas_dijkstra's Beginner journey


So, time to finally start getting serious about playing chess again. I've played quite a bit as a teenager, but life got in the way. Now, at 40, I'd like to see how far I can get with a bit of serious study.

No rating yet other than my Daily, which is currently at 790. Plenty of room for improvement happy.png

Let's go!


Looking forward to your updates!


Week one is behind me, and I'm really enjoying it so far. Actively playing and analyzing each day is a big help in getting back into playing chess more seriously.

Numbers updates:

Puzzles: 1267

Rapid: 1132

Daily: 824 (+34)

Blitz is for this week, so I'll add that rating next week. Can't wait to see what this week is going to bring.


Glad you are enjoying it!


Week two done. Haven't had much time to work on the lessons but I did manage to put in the time with the daily matches, puzzles and blitz chess. Blitz was really hit and miss, some good wins but too many blunders because I felt time pressure (which may or may not have been real..)

Puzzles: 1509 (+242)

Rapid: 1132 (no matches played this week)

Daily: 824 (no matches finished this week)

Blitz: 1039


Week three. Didn't manage to get a lot of chess time in this week because of other commitments (work!). I put in the time on the puzzles and the daily games, but not a lot of rapid games and analysis. Therefore I'll redo week 3 this week.

Stats update:

Puzzles: 1662 (+153) - this is progressing steadily, which I like

Rapid: 1069 (-63) - probably because of a lack of focus, I didn't play too well this week

Daily: 911 (+87)  - mostly due to opponents timing out

Blitz: 1039 (no games played this week)


A poor week this week. Other than sort of robotically going through my daily games, I didn't get a lot of chess in. Part of that may have to do with EURO2020 on TV, but mostly because of work, again.

Things are looking up, though, and I hope to get more chess time in this week. Will be repeating week 3 yet another time.

Stats update:

Puzzles: 1521 (- 141) - the numbers tell it all..

Rapid: 1037 (-32) - probably because of a lack of focus, again

Daily: 895 (- 16)  - lost one game

Blitz: 1039 (no games played this week)