Best use of time


Hi there,

I mainly play Daily games but would like to start improving more in Rapid games.

I have limited chess time available so was wondering what the best use of my time should be.

Should I spend most time studying puzzles, most time actually playing live games or something else?



I'd spend most of the time studying the lessons, especially stuff like opening and strategy that you can't learn from puzzles. 


I spend most of my time on puzzles (tactics) then when i play live (rapid 20), I notice my chess is better


Hello @BaronVonChickenpants !

If you have got limited chess time available you should focus on two most important things:


  1. Do tactics (puzzles, puzzle rush, etc.) every day. That is especially important if you have used to play daily games - in rapid games, you have to make decisions much faster - doing puzzles helps avoid blunders and easy tactics.
  2. Play rapid games and analyze them (firstly on your own, later check your analysis with the engine) - you can learn the most on your own mistakes. When you analyze games, you improve all crucial elements of chess: openings, strategy, tactics, and endgames.

Thanks for the reply! 

I've never understood how to analyse my own games in my own. If i wasn't good enough to see a good move in the game why would I see it afterwards? 


First of all, after the game, you know what happened so you know were your choices good or bad.
Secondly, you have got more time to think and consider different options, you can also move pieces on the board.


Rapid 15/10 im using - not so long games but still enough time to solve critical moves/positions.

QSO67 that 10s increment allows you to finish winning positions.


...30/0 kills you at the end, 45/45 too long n slow for me.